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Solved [HLDM] Send player to Spectator on join

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Gabe Iggy
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Old 04-13-2019 , 11:06   [HLDM] Send player to Spectator on join
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Hello, I try to send a player to spectator when he joins, however when I do so they get sent into a "limbo" state, unable to do anything. (origin 0,0,0 - camera tilted as if they were dead)

public player_spawn_pre(id) {     if(g_bRoundStarted || get_playersnum() < 2)     {         hl_set_user_spectator(id, true);         return HAM_SUPERCEDE;     }     return HAM_IGNORED; }

If I send them to spectator again when they are killed (assuming they spawned normally), they go to spectator without problems.
public player_killed_post(id) {     [...]     if (g_bRoundStarted)         set_task(5.0, "send_player_to_spec", id + TASK_SENDVICTIMTOSPEC); }

public send_player_to_spec(taskid) {     new id = taskid - TASK_SENDVICTIMTOSPEC;     if (is_user_connected(id))     {         if (!is_user_alive(id) || is_user_bot(id))             hl_set_user_spectator(id, true);     } }

What's the cause of this?

EDIT: Fixed it myself by moving this operation to a task set on post

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