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[CS:GO] Autorespawn System (v1.3, 25-02-2018)

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Counter-Strike: GO
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    Antorespawn system with configuration per map.
    Old 01-11-2018 , 17:57   [CS:GO] Autorespawn System (v1.3, 25-02-2018)
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    An automated respawn system, that can suit your needs. It can be configured differently for every map. You can add X map which will use lifes (which is the default option), yet you can add map Y and configured it to use timer instead, or add map Z on which players will respawn infinite times. The spawnkiller detector is also configurable and can enabled or disabled for single maps.

    You need [INC] Multi Colors to compile the plugin.
    • Compile locally and put ph_autorespawn.smx in ./addons/sourcemod/plugins/
    • Restart the map. A config will be automatically generated

    Main commands (Requires ADMFLAG_BAN):
    • sm_autorespawnmenu (or !autorespawnmenu) - Opens a menu, where you can add or remove a map. (Default: Respawn with 3 lives each round)
    Sub commands, when a map has auto-respawn (Requires ADMFLAG_RCON):
    • sm_respawntype (or !respawntype) - Use this to configure the type of auto-respawn. (0 - will use timer, 1 - will use lives insted and 2 - will respawn players infinite times).
    • sm_respawnlives (or !respawnlives) - Use this to configure the numbers of lifes per round. (If you use lives)
    • sm_respawntimer (or !respawntimer) - Use this to configure the timer in which players can respawn. (If you use timer)
    • sm_respawnsk (or !respawnsk) - Use this to configure the spawnkill detector. Either enable or disable it. [0 - Off, 1 - On]

    Example config:
    PHP Code:
    "type"        "1"
            "maxtime"        "60"
            "lives"        "3"
            "spawnkiller"        "1"
    "type"        "1"
            "maxtime"        "60"
            "lives"        "3"
            "spawnkiller"        "1"
    "type"        "1"
            "maxtime"        "60"
            "lives"        "3"
            "spawnkiller"        "1"
    "type"        "1"
            "maxtime"        "60"
            "lives"        "3"
            "spawnkiller"        "1"

    Some simple natives:
    PHP Code:
     * Very useful if you need to spawnkill a player
     * if he doesn't need to be respawned from other plugins action.
     * @param value     Sets a spawnkill to a player while autorespawn is ON.
     * true - The player is spawnkilled and won't be respawned.
     * false - The opposite of true.
    native void SpawnKilled(int clientbool value);

     * Very useful if you want a plugin to check,
     * if autorespawn is enabled.
     * @param Returns if respawn is enabled.
    native bool RespawnOn(); 
    1.0 - Initial release.
    1.1 - Changed how spawnkill check works, fixed a broken timer handle.
    1.2 - Main command changed to a menu, sub-commands are still normal commands.
    1.3 - Code cleanup, added a check if spawnkiller is enabled.
    1.3a - Minor fix.
    Attached Files
    File Type: inc ph_autorespawn.inc (511 Bytes, 228 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (ph_autorespawn.sp - 255 views - 19.1 KB)

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    Old 01-04-2019 , 17:15   Re: [CS:GO] Autorespawn System (v1.3, 25-02-2018)
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    I can't get the .SMX file. Can you upload it again please?
    Love <3
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    Old 01-04-2019 , 18:26   Re: [CS:GO] Autorespawn System (v1.3, 25-02-2018)
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    Originally Posted by krillex1 View Post

    I can't get the .SMX file. Can you upload it again please?
    Love <3
    compiled with sm version 1.9
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (ph_autorespawn.sp - 37 views - 19.1 KB)
    File Type: smx ph_autorespawn.smx (21.5 KB, 51 views)
    Looking for a sm coder who is currently alone, and wants to help me to expand the project...send me a pn

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    Old 01-12-2019 , 16:58   Re: [CS:GO] Autorespawn System (v1.3, 25-02-2018)
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    I tested your plugin and everything works fine except BOTs remain dead and do not respawn. Seems like your plugin only affects the players. I am not skilled at plugin making so I will probably not help you with this one (I have only limited C++ knowledge). But if you would implement it would be appreciated.

    However, I am pleasantly surprised that your plugin works even on workshop maps. Nicely done!

    One more thing: Is there a way to activate your plugin on all maps in mapcycle.txt other than manually changing it via !autorespawnmenu ?

    Thanks in advance for any reply
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