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Whitespaces are removed from the site name

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Old 03-11-2021 , 12:23   Whitespaces are removed from the site name
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I have HLstatsX Community Edition 1.6.19-25. After saving the stats settings whitespaces in the site name option are removed. I think this is due to the valid_request() function in options.php on the line 86:

PHP Code:
if (($this->title == 'Fonts') || ($this->title == 'General')) {
$optval $_POST[$opt->name];
$search_pattern  = array('/script/i''/;/''/%/');
$replace_pattern = array('''''');
$optval preg_replace($search_pattern$replace_pattern$optval);
$optval $db->escape($optval);
} else {
$optval valid_request($_POST[$opt->name], 0);

This function is in functions.php on the line 94:
PHP Code:
function valid_request($str$numeric false)
$search_pattern = array("/[^A-Za-z\x{0410}-\x{044F}0-9Ёё\[\]*\.,=()!\"$%&^`':;#+~_\-|<>\/\\@{}]/u");
$replace_pattern = array('');
$str preg_replace($search_pattern$replace_pattern$str);
    if ( 
$numeric == false )
        if ( 
is_numeric($str) )
            return -

If I add a whitespace '\s' to the search pattern won't it lead to any vulnerabilities?

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