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Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)

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Old 12-10-2005 , 18:23   Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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DOWNLOAD AT: http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/
SNAPSHOTS AT: http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/snapshots/1.2/

This is a port of Botman's Stripper2 utility for Half-Life 1. You can add any type of entity - hostage, spawn point, physics prop, permanently to the map. You can also filter out entities for deletion, either by specific entries or regular expressions. As of version 1.1+, you can also search and modify entities. This new feature lets you replace, insert, or delete sets of properties based on the rules you set.

Stripper:Source lets you define global rules and per-map rules. It also lets other plugins (both SourceMM plugins and Server Plugins) use its API.

Some screenshots are here:
Hostage in de_dust spawn
Removing physics props
Removing physics props 2
Replacing garbage cans with hostages

This may seem cheesy at first but users of stripper2 know how powerful it can be. Personally, I dislike physics objects in CS:S, so I made this to strip them all out on all maps, as well as game objectives for CS:S DM.

There is one console command - stripper_dump - which will write all of the map entity properties to a file in addons/stripper/dump. This is extremely helpful for editing maps.


For documentation and examples, please see: http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/

Source code is available as Free Software: https://github.com/alliedmodders/stripper-source

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Old 12-10-2005 , 18:30  
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Why do u always take credit for my work? <- gaben
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Old 12-10-2005 , 18:33  
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oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that freecode spent a whole 80 seconds making those screenshots ;)
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Old 12-10-2005 , 19:56  
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Very nice.
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Finaly someone recognizes my hard, hard work
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Old 12-10-2005 , 20:31  
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I was gonna comment on BAILOPAN needing a new GFX card, thats the worst CSS screenshot i have seen.
But i guess Freecode needs a new card aswell
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Wat? My graphic card is good. Click on the hostage picture and read the message
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Old 12-11-2005 , 07:32  
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Hmmmmm, I like the idea and I think I'll give it a try
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Old 12-11-2005 , 08:08  
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works fine with linux
but don't try to load it before cssdm or you 'll get segmentation error at server start
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Old 12-11-2005 , 09:08  
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at first i thought hmmm what can i do with this then after looking at your examples i thought wtf hang on there lets see if i can do sommit with the redundant VIP maps i have with no freakin plugin released yet

It's not by anyway perfect as atm am just guessing ;) but i managed to remove the rescue point thats in the map and make the helicopter the new recuse point , then i shoved in a hostage but used the VIP model. Only one freakin problem he cant climb the ladder to get to the rescue zone LOL !

here's part of my as_italy.cfg

"origin" "-584 -1800 -196"
"HostageType" "0"
"model" "models/testvip/vip.mdl"
"angles" "0 89 0"
"classname" "hostage_entity"

"classname" "func_hostage_rescue" // remove rescue point in the map

"origin" "640 2112 256 1024 2368 448,0,-1"  // add new rescue point where helicopter is
"classname" "func_hostage_rescue"

Not sure if it will work as he cant climb the ladder am open to suggestions,help etc... and dont say JUST WAIT ON VIP MOD coz its taking ages since the big people got involved
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