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[L4D2] Is there a limit to the number of MOTD?

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Old 06-09-2024 , 21:36   [L4D2] Is there a limit to the number of MOTD?
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Hi !
I don't know if it's the right place to ask this question but i searched the net for hours and didn't found any answers to my question.

I have 4 L4D2 servers and i made a specific welcome page for each one.
I installed apache 2 on the server i use to host my servers and i host my 4 welcome pages on a single domain name.
The 4 sites of the welcome pages seems to all work fine as i can reach them when i type http://mydomaine.com for the 1st, http://mydomaine.com/serverr2 for the 2nd; etc .. in a web browser.

But i checked in game and every welcome pages are working fine except for one that is displayed but i can't interact with it.

I checked all my apache2 settings and everything look ok.

I have all sites working as intended when i use a web browser to display them but one isn't working on the game.

So i start to wonder if there is maybe a limit to the number of MOTD we can use simultaneously on a single domain name in L4D2?

Maybe i can use only 3 Motd at the same time and it's why, no matter what i try, i have everything working fine in web browser but always one failing in L4D2.

I tried to find a solution on the net before asking here but as it's probably not something lot of people are doing, there are apparently no topic on the subject.

I hope someone will know how to fix this problem.
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