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[L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.2 (Jan 9, 2015)

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Left 4 Dead
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    This is skye's ready up plugin, all modules associated, as well as the highly requested rpg module.
    Old 12-22-2014 , 03:08   [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.2 (Jan 9, 2015)
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    While I am not the original author of Ready Up, or its modules, I have been helping with its continued development. Since Skye is banned on Alliedmods, I will be posting updates, as well as the link to the main Github page. Skye requests that any issues be checked against the detailed FAQ's provided on the Github page, before opening an issue, but if you still cannot find something, please feel free to post a response on this thread.

    For a full description on Ready Up, you can view Skye's original post in the approved plugins section. Click Here
    Ready Up, essentially provides forwards and natives that other plugins can use, which Skye has sub-labeled them, modules. Her RPG module is one of them, but rather robust. RPG is an ongoing development, which was originally being developed privately, but recently she has made it public. Skye has also developed a new preventative rushing plugin to replace her older, now deprecated version. The new one is titled rum_norush. You edit the files in /configs/readyup/norush

    Important Documents
    The Ready Up Installation/Compilation/Module Explanation Guide: Click Here
    The RPG Module Installation/Configuration Guide: Click Here

    Viewing and Creating Issues
    You can view current issues opened by Skye and/or other users, as well as create one if what you are looking for cannot be found. Click Here
    If you prefer to instead post feature requests, or other issues here, you may do so as well, and if I cannot troubleshoot, I will forward the issue.

    Downloading From The Repository
    You can download the full master of the repository: Click Here
    To access the base repository: Click Here
    If you prefer to not compile, binaries are available as well: Click Here

    Downloading From AlliedMods
    In the attachment, I have included the most recent versions of the binaries hosted on the repository.However, I've separated everything into three separate archives:
    1. The base Ready Up plugin
    2. The RPG Module
    3. The other available Modules

    This Forum
    While Skye does not monitor this forum directly, I am acting as a liaison between users here and Skye when it comes to feature requests and updates. This post also serves as a gateway to her Github page, where new versions are posted as they are developed. As new snapshots are rolled out, I will update them here as well. This is for the sake of convenience, allowing you to choose between using this forum and the repository for accessing the content.
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip readyup_v6.0.1.zip (50.7 KB, 1020 views)
    File Type: zip readyup_modules.zip (175.5 KB, 818 views)
    File Type: zip rum_rpg_v3.0.2.zip (312.9 KB, 956 views)

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    Old 12-24-2014 , 21:31   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG
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    Skye has detailed an update that she is working on for the upcoming RPG v2.0.5 update. She said that the change log on the repository will be updated when the exact features in the update are completed. For now, if you have any suggestions or requests for this upcoming update, or comments on the current to-do list, please let me know and I'll forward it to her.

    RPG v3.0.1 Development List:
    1. Chance Multiplier for End of Map Rolls
      Server operators have requested the ability to weigh different EOM roll options, separate from the standard roll chances during the game. Skye has created a new multiplier which will let you add a weighted calculation to determining the frequency of items awarded on successful End of Map rolls. The range is 0.0 to 1.0, with 0.0 meaning no chance of the item being selected and 1.0 being the current default.
    2. Store Additions (Optional)
      Server operators will be able to add new store options to the menu. These include things such as purchasing backpack drops (which will then drop at the player's feet), as well as bulk experience, and several more options. As always, server operators can also choose whether these items show up in end of map rolls, and what their chance multiplier is on their frequency.
    3. Weapon / Level / Survivor-Character Specific Talents
      There are keys in the config files that exist for "weapons required?" that were never fully integrated into RPG. Skye is integrating these keys to give server operators additional flexibility with talent creation. On top of that, she's adding an option for "survivor required?" where you'll enter something like "namvet" which would mean only bill would be able to use the specific talent. With that in mind, a classic feature from the original skyrpg plugin is making an appearance; the option to automatically "award" or "unlock" talents based on a player reaching a certain level. Simply set "talent level unlock?" to 1 and the plugin will ignore the key.
    4. Menu options configurable based on Game Mode
      Some server operators run multiple game modes on their servers. This can be confusing or even problematic to players, especially if certain players only play, say, when the server is running a co-op gamemode. Skye wants to give server operators the option (she says it will be available in the config file) to make it so only gamemode-specific menus will appear. This means if the option is enabled, even if you have infected config options in your mainmenu.cfg, if a non-versus gamemode is running, it will not show in the menu to players.
    5. Weapon-Level System v2.0 (In Development)
      Skye removed the original Weapon Leveling system due to balance issues in an older version of RPG. She felt that in a plugin that advertised its modularity and flexibility, a feature that was not flexible wasn't part of the vision. However, there are some major changes coming in the new system.
      a. Flexible Weapon Designations
      Previously, weapons couldn't be categorized, in the new iteration, weapon categories can be created, with no limit, and both the key and values designated by the server operator. For example:

      "tier1" "smg,pumpshotgun,shotgun_chrome,pistol"
      "bolt" "sniper_awp,sniper_scout"

      Skye has created a category called "tier1" and all smg's, the pumpshotgun, the chrome shotgun, and all pistols are within it. Inside a weapon level hierarchy, under the "weapons required?" key, she would simply put "tier1" and any weapons within the category will be eligible. If she were to change it to "tier1,bolt" then all weapons in both the tier1 and bolt categories would be eligible.

      b. Category Unlocks / Requirements / Etc.
      Skye has furthermore decided that if you want the option to require a specific level or requirement to unlock a weapon level, or if you perhaps want weapon levels to not scale beyond the player's physical level, that those options should be available to you.

      c. Weapon Level Bonuses / Penalties / Etc.
      In the original weapon level system, leveling up a weapon level provided linear bonuses to damage dealt by weapons in that category. This time around, Skye is giving server operators a more flexible set of options for what leveling up rewards players. Maybe you want to give them a bonus talent point instead of a perk? Maybe you want them to randomly receive a backpack, store points, talents, or experience? Maybe you want to also increase weapon damage, or possibly have penalties of some sort to balance all these goodies? The choice is yours.
      There's more coming in relation to this expansive system, and I'm looking forward to seeing the features she implements for it!
      d. A Preview of the configuration options for the new Weapon Level System!
      New Weapon Level System
           +    weapons_menu.cfg
               A list of all weapons that a server operator wants in the weapon level.
               -    Must differentiate between actual weapon and weapon category, as well as
                   have starting experience to reach level 1 (because they start at level 0)
                   and the multiplier per level up, as well as the award for leveling up.
               Example config:
               "pistols"                                // Because "weapon category?" is 1, this is the weapon category to search by, otherwise the weapon name goes here.
                   "weapon category?"            "1"            // This means it's a weapon category and not an actual weapon (governs more than 1 weapon)
                   "experience start?"            "1000"        // This is the experience that must be invested in this weapon (or category) to reach level 1.
                   "experience multiplier?"    "0.03"        // This is multiplied against the current experience requirement to determine the next level requirement.
                   "damage bonus per level?"    "0.01"        // 0.01 -> 1% (If you don't want this bonus, set to 0.0)
                   "maximum level?"            "100"        // It's possible a server operator may want different maximum levels for different weapons and/or categories. Here you go.
           +    weapons_category.cfg
               A list of all weapons categories that can be used in the weapons_menu.cfg, and
               the weapons that are part of these categories.
               Example config:
                   "weapons included?"            "pistol,pistol_magnum"
           +    weapons_experience.cfg
               A list of the options, as well as the values, that players can choose from when
               deciding how much experience to invest in a category at a time.
               Note*** If a player decides to invest 100% of their current experience, if the
               experience spent is greater than the experience required to level up the
               weapon (or category) it will simply carry over into the next level.
               Example config:
                   "25pct of requirement"        "0.25"
                   "50pct of requirement"        "0.5"
                   "75pct of requirement"        "0.75"
                   "100pct of requirement"        "1.0"
                   "all available experience"    "all"
               The above would let the player choose from 5 options for adding experience from
               their general experience container to the specified weapons' experience container.
           +    weapons_bonuses.cfg
               A list of all bonuses for a specified weapon (or category) as well as when the player automatically
               receives them, if any. This is the cool part.
               "pistols"    <-    This section name can be re-used, for categories that have more than 1 upgrade.
                   "weapon bonus?"                "l"            // l -> Laser sight designation. You can't see the laser on pistols, but it's still there.
                   "chance per level?"            "0.0"        // The chance to "trigger / acquire" the upgrade per level in this weapon or category. 0.0 ignores.
                   "acquire at level?"            "5"            // If it's an item that can be assigned (like fire, explosive ammo, laser sight) at which level
                                                               the player automatically receives it when they pick up (or purchase) the weapon(s)
    6. New Within-RPG Gamemodes! (In Development)
      In the older skyrpg plugins, we had gamemodes like VIP, where a player would glow yellow and be given a lonely pistol, in tribute to the classic counter-strike mode. Skye is bringing this back, and has hinted at a few other cool modes she'd like to introduce, as well as flesh out the current ones that exist.
    7. Modularity, Stability, etc.
      Originally, Skye had intended to develop a completely new RPG plugin, but has decided instead to focus her efforts directly into the current release. She's rewriting major sections of code to provide added modularity and flexibility to server operators, as well as providing increased stability. She feels that it's important that other plugin developers be able to write additional modules specifically for RPG, and a foundation is being developed to allow this. When completed, an API specific to this feature will be provided for developers.

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    Old 01-02-2015 , 07:53   RPG v3.0.1 (Jan 2, 2015) Change log.
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    Skye has released RPG v3.0.1 on the github repository. I've also updated the file here on Alliedmods. Skye has expressed concern to me regarding informing server operators that it's essential to carefully read the change log, due to some large changes in config structure (talentmenu.cfg replaces the formerly separate infectedmenu.cfg and survivormenu.cfg) as well as some other changes.

    v3.0.1 (January 2, 2015) <- Current Release Version
    +    Config File restructuring
        -    Talent Config files have been restructured.
            survivormenu.cfg and infectedmenu.cfg have been merged into a single file: talentmenu.cfg. Using the old config names will no longer work.
            The key "activator class required?" is used to determine which team "owns" each talent, if any; it's possible for both teams to have access to
            a talent, if the value of that key contains values from both teams, such as "01" which would allow both survivors and smokers access.
        -    Main Menu Config has been expanded into individual sections.
            Sections have been added to mainmenu.cfg to allow server operators to dictate under which circumstances each menu option is available.
            Circumstances include things like player team, admin flags, server game types.
    +    Chance Multiplier for End of Map Rolls
        -    Added new keyvalue to talentmenu.cfg and store.cfg, allowing server operators to add a modifiable weight to the otherwise static roll variable
            when calculating end of map rolls for players.
            +    "weight multiplier?"
                The value can range from 0.0 to 2.0. The value is hard-coded to 2.0 if a value greater is found in the config.
                1.0 is the default value; a value below 1.0 means a lower weight; less likelihood, with 0.0 having no chance in the item being awarded.
                2.0 doubles the chance that the item will successfully roll and as thus, be rewarded.
            +    Weighted rolls let the server operators decide which items they would like to see awarded more often, without having to reconfigure each
            available roll item on an individual level.
    +    Talent Creation / Customization Changes
        -    Survivor Class-Specific talent support.
            +    Added new keyvalue to talentmenu.cfg allowing server operators to create talents that require a specific survivor class to activate.
                -    "survivor required?"
                    The value MUST match one of the eight survivor models. If omitted or set to "-1" it will allow any survivor.
                    This keyvalue is checked if the survivor is either a victim or attacker.
        -    Cross-Team talent support.
            +    Talents can now be used by players on both teams, depending on a specific setting.
                I have, by default, set talents like this to be placed in "part of menu named?" "Cross-Team Talents"
                -    "activator class required?"
                    0 - Survivor, 1 -> 6 + 8 - Infected values. Please see the talentmenu.cfg for a complete listing of which class is assigned to which integer.
                    If the value of this key is "01" for instance, Survivors AND Smokers can use the talent. Pretty cool, huh?
    +    Code Restructuring / Rewrite
        -    A large amount of code has been scrapped, restructured, and/or rewritten.
            +    Optimized Menus
                Menus have been optimized. I've made it easier to create embedded sub-menu's, using less code. /yay
            +    Optimized General Functionality
                Rewritten a few functions that could potentially be confusing to developers, while optimizing the actual amount of existing code.
    +    Global Config Variables (config.cfg) Added
        -    "chat settings flags?"
            Custom allowed flags can now be set in the instance in which chat settings are not available for all players.
            Previously this was hard-coded to the a or z flags only, but now any flags can be set. The default is "az"
            +    This variable is ignored if "all players chat settings?" is set to 1.
    +    Additional Store Configurations
        -    Server operators have the option to add additional options to the store.
            +    Bulk Experience / Experience Blocks
                Server operators can add experience blocks, whether a specified amount, or a random value within a specified range.
                -    "amount min?" & "amount max?"
                    This store option is accompanied by two new values; these numbers can be between 0.01 (1%) and 1.0 (100%)
                    The percentage values dictate the amount (multiplied against a players maximum experience container) of experience
                    a player will receive when picking up or purchasing the item.
                    For a static value, simply set both numbers equal, or set "amount max?" to 0.0
            +    Backpack Items
                Server operators, should they choose, can allow players to buy a RANDOM backpack drop, which will spawn on them.
                These items are free-for-all; any survivor can grab them. Buy them for yourself, or buy them for friends!
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    Old 01-02-2015 , 22:58   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.1 (Jan 2, 2015)
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    L 01/03/2015 - 12:507: [LEFT4DOWNTOWN] Detour -- Could not find DifficultyChanged signature
    L 01/03/2015 - 12:507: [LEFT4DOWNTOWN] Detour -- Could not find address for detour
    Left 4 Downtown 2 v0.5.4.2, Gamedata file was used for the latest version.
    but, Error has occurred.
    Can you fix it?
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    Old 01-03-2015 , 02:34   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.1 (Jan 2, 2015)
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    I think the Left4Downtown2 errors should be posted in that thread; We can't fix errors for anything not of Skye's development. Sorry.
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    Old 01-04-2015 , 03:54   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.1 (Jan 2, 2015)
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    Originally Posted by gajo0650 View Post
    Left 4 Downtown 2 v0.5.4.2, Gamedata file was used for the latest version.
    but, Error has occurred.
    Can you fix it?

    use this version, here is working fine on windows 7 64 with sm1.6.3
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    Old 01-04-2015 , 22:26   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.1 (Jan 2, 2015)
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    Originally Posted by psycki View Post
    use this version, here is working fine on windows 7 64 with sm1.6.3
    hmm..Still getting the same error.
    sm 1.6.3
    mms 1.10.4

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    Old 01-09-2015 , 20:47   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.1 (Jan 2, 2015)
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    Skye has released v3.0.2 of the RPG mod. Among adding some great new features, she has rewritten a majority of the code, and is currently hosting a development server where you can test current and future updates at, here:

    This update is the Melee Update, because it adds functionality for customizable melee weapon damage towards special infected. Included is a new melee.cfg which is fully configurable!
    v3.0.2 (January 9, 2015) <- Current Release Version
    +    Config File additions
        -    Points.cfg has additional options:
            +    "team?"
                A required team can now be set. Multiple teams can be allocated, similar to the MainMenu.cfg key. Players not on one of the teams specified
                will not see this menu option.
            +    "gamemode?"
                A required gamemode can now be set. Multiple gamemode's can be allocated, similar to the MainMenu.cfg key. If the gamemode is not found in the
                list, the menu option will not appear.
            +    "flags?"
                Required user flags. Players are only required to match 1 (one) of the flags in the value, similar to the MainMenu.cfg key. If they do not, the
                menu option will not appear for them. This is great for options that you want restricted to, say, just admins, such as director config menus.
    +    Code Restructuring / Rewrite
        -    In continuance with the restructuring and rewrite that I was in the process of when I released v3.0.1, additional source files have been heavily
            modified or rewritten for efficiency and to iron out any wrinkles.
    +    Chat Interface
        -    Rewritten how the chat interface works.
            (1) Skye
            >> This is a simple test.
            >> I was the last one to type, so it doesn't repeat my name.
            (1) New Player
            >> I'm not the last player to type, so it prints my name to everyone.
            (1) Skye
            >> Interesting.
    +    Buy Menu
        -    Melee Purchases
            +    Rewrote code pertaining to the purchase of melee weapons, this time it works (I've tested it)
    +    Melee Weapons
        -    In previous versions of RPG, melee weapons were restricted to dealing no damage to special infected, because they would one-hit kill them.
            A new config file, "rpg/melee.cfg" has been created. In this file, server operators dictate which melee weapons they want to deal damage to which
            special infected, as well as how much damage they deal per swing.
            If you don't want a melee weapon to damage a special infected, either omit it from the field, or set its value to 0.0.
            If you don't want a certain special infected to receive damage from melee weapons, simply remove its id from the config.
            +    Witch
                Melee damage will still do nothing to witches. We do want them to be a credible threat after all, right?
        -    New Talent Options
            +    "b"        For the survivor who deals damage to a special infected with a melee weapon.
            +    "B"        For the infected (not commons) who receive damage from a survivor via a melee weapon.
    +    Miscellaneous
        -    Fixed several issues causing crashes.
        -    Rested Experience
            If maximum rested experience is "0", Maximum rested experience = the player's current maximum experience container.
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    Old 01-23-2015 , 01:38   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.2 (Jan 9, 2015)
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    L 01/23/2015 - 06:13:57: [SM] Unable to load plugin "rum_rpg.smx": Native "L4D_StaggerPlayer" was not found
    What is this?
    i have a L$D_StaggerPlayer.patch

    but i don't know where to put it?

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    Old 01-24-2015 , 11:02   Re: [L4D2] Ready Up / Modules / RPG v3.0.2 (Jan 9, 2015)
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    L4D_StaggerPlayer is a native provided by Left 4 Downtown 2, which is required to run the plugin. There should be a dependencies list somewhere on the repository, but if there isn't, let me know and I'll ask Skye to put one together.
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