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[TF2] Voiceover Randomizer

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    Voiceover uses a random class to say it
    Old 08-14-2019 , 17:06   [TF2] Voiceover Randomizer
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    When your character speaks, this plugin will choose a random class to say it instead. Can also be used to replace your VO with a specific class, or a duck, whatever floats your goat.


    /vor - Opens up the player Voiceover Randomizer menu, where they can set their mode, see FAQ and Known issues and whether Admin Override is active or not.
    /vor_admin - Admin only command, that is used to set up Admin Override, which will force everyone to use a specific VOR mode.


    cvarPlayerModeDefault - When a player joins the server, they will default to this VOR mode. Modes are: 0 = Don't randomize, 1 = Randomize, 2 = Duck, 3-11 = Mercs (3 = Scout, 4 = Sniper, 5 = Soldier, 6 = Demoman, 7 = Medic, 8 = Heavy, 9 = Pyro, 10 = Spy, 11 = Engineer)
    cvarAdminOverrideDefault - Whether Admin Override is on by default or not. 1 = True, 0 = False.
    cvarAdminOverrideModeDefault - What Admin Override Mode is on by default, see above for the different modes.
    Known Issues
    • This isn't full-proof at replacing voicelines, in most cases where the plugin fails to find a replacement, a quack will be used instead.
    • Calling someone a Spy will usually call them the wrong class
    • Group taunts don't have replacement lines
    • Pyro voicelines (mumbles) are usually broken
    • Everyone hears a different voiceline, in randomized mode, what may be a Demo to one person could be a completely different class to another (I think this is a Valve issue though)


    Place tf2_VO_randomizer.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins
    Place tf_vo_randomizer.sp in addons/scourcemod/scripting

    If you have any suggestions/ideas, let me know!
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