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Elite Admin System v6.0.0

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Old 08-02-2019 , 15:03   Elite Admin System v6.0.0
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UPDATED 03/11/2019

Thanks to all contributors, credits will be given in the plugins thread!
NO_ACCESS_COMMAND = No access to this command!
INCORRECT_FORMAT = Incorrect format!
INCORRECT_PASSWORD = Incorrect password!
SUCCESSFULLY_ADD_NEW_ADMIN = &x01Successfully added new admin &x03[&x01Name: &x04%s &x03| &x01Password: &x04%s &x03| &x01Flags: &x04%s &x03| &x01Prefix: &x04%s &x03| &x01Model_T: &x04%s &x03| &x01Model_CT: &x04%s &x03| &x01Immunity: &x04%d &x03| &x01Expire Date: &x04%s &x03| &x01Expire Flags: &x04%s &x03| &x01Keep Privileges: &x04%d&x03]
LOG_ADDED_NEW_ADMIN = ADMIN %s added a new admin [Name: %s | Password: %s | Flags: %s | Prefix: %s | Model_T: %s | Model_CT: %s | Immunity: %d | Expires: %s | Expire Flags: %s | Keep Privileges: %d]
AMX_ADD_ADMIN_USAGE = Usage is: %s <Nick|SteamID> <Password> <Flags> <Prefix> <T_Model> <CT_Model> <Immunity> <Expire_Date>
KICKED = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x03kicked &x04%s &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s
INVALID_VALUE = Invalid value!
BANNED_SINGULAR = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01banned &x04%s &x01for &x041 &x03minute &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s
BANNED_PLURAL = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01banned &x04%s &x01for &x04%d &x03minutes &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s
LOG_BANNED_SINGULAR = ADMIN %s banned [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] for 1 minute | Reason: %s | Ban expires: %s
LOG_BANNED_PLURAL = ADMIN %s banned [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] for %d minutes | Reason: %s | Ban expires: %s
SLAP_DEAD_PLAYER = Can't slap dead player
SLAP = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01slapped &x04%s &x03for &x04%d &x01damage &x03| &x01Reason: &x04%s
SLAY_DEAD_PLAYER = Can't slay dead player
SLAY = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01slayed &x04%s &x03| &x01Reason: &x04%s
KICK_MENU = Kick Menu
BAN_MENU = Ban Menu
SLAY_MENU = Slay Menu
SLAP_MENU = Slap Menu
FREEZE_MENU = Freeze Menu
ADD_NEW_BAN = Add a new ban
NO_BANS_FOUND = &x01No bans were found!
PLAYER_NOT_FOUND = &x01Player not found!
FREEZE_DEAD_PLAYER = Can't freeze dead player!
FREEZE_SET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01set Freeze &x01on &x04%s
FREEZE_UNSET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01unset Freeze from &x04%s
INVALID_FREEZE_VALUE = Invalid value, must be 0 or 1
UNBANNED = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01unbanned &x01[&x03Name: &x04%s &x01| &x03SteamID: &x04%s &x01| &x03IP: &x04%s &x01]
SCREENSHOT = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01took a screenshot &x01on &x04%s
CURRENTLY_LOADED = Currently loaded plugins
PLUGINS = Plugins
RUNNING = Running
LOADED_MODULES = Loaded modules:
MODULES = Modules
NO_ACCESS_CVAR = You have no access to that CVAR
IS = is
CVAR_SET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01set &x03CVAR &x04%s &x01to &x04%s
CVAR_SET_SUCCESS = CVAR %s set to %s
PROTECTED = Protected
RCON_SENT = ADMIN %s sent RCON ^"%s^"
CMD_SENT_SERVER = Command ^"%s^" sent to server
AMX_KICK_USAGE = Usage is: amx_kick <name> <reason>
AMX_ADDBAN_USAGE = Usage is: amx_addban <name> <steamid> <ip_address> <minutes> <reason>
AMX_BAN_USAGE = Usage is: amx_ban <name> <minutes> <reason>
AMX_UNBAN_USAGE = Usage is: amx_unban <nick/steam/ip>
AMX_SLAY_USAGE = Usage is: amx_slay <nick> <reason>
AMX_SLAP_USAGE = Usage is: amx_slap <nick> <value> <reason>
AMX_MAP_USAGE = Usage is: amx_map <map>
MAP_NOT_FOUND = Map could not be found
MAP_CHANGE = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has changed the map to &x04%s
AMX_NICK_USAGE = Usage is: amx_nick <nick> <new_nick>
NICK_CHANGE = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has changed &x04%s&x03's &x01nick &x03to &x04%s
CHECK_CONSOLE_INFO = Check console for more information
AMX_FREEZE_USAGE = Usage is: amx_freeze <nick> <0|1>
AMX_SCREENSHOT_USAGE = Usage is: amx_ss <nick>
HELP_COMS = AMX Mod X Help: Commands
HELP_ENTRIES = Entries %d - %d of %d
HELP_USE_MORE = Use 'amx_help %d' for more
HELP_USE_BEGIN = Use 'amx_help 1' to begin
AMX_WARN_USAGE = Usage is: amx_warn <nick> <reason>
WARN_HIM = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01warned you &x03| &x01Reason: &x04%s
WARN_OTHERS = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01warned &x04%s &x03| &x01Reason: &x04%s
AMX_NOCLIP_USAGE = Usage is: amx_noclip <nick> <value>
NOCLIP_DEAD_PLAYER = Can't set noclip on dead player
INVALID_NOCLIP_VALUE = Invalid value, must be 0 or 1
NOCLIP_SET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has set noclip on &x04%s
NOCLIP_UNSET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has unset noclip from &x04%s
AMX_GODMODE_USAGE = Usage is: amx_godmode <nick> <value>
GODMODE_DEAD_PLAYER = Can't set godmode on a dead player
INVALID_GODMODE_VALUE = Invalid value, must be 0 or 1
GODMODE_SET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has set &x03godmode &x01on &x04%s
GODMODE_UNSET = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has unset &x03godmode &x01from &x04%s
NO_RANK = No Rank
GAG_EXPIRES_IN = &x04%d &x03more seconds until you get &x01ungagged
GAG_EXPIRES_NEVER = &x01You're gagged &x04permanently
AMX_GAG_USAGE = Usage is: amx_gag <nick|steamid|ip> <minutes> <reason> <flags>
GAGGED_SINGULAR = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01gagged &x04%s &x01for &x041 &x03minute &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s &x01| &x03Flags: &x04%s
GAGGED_PLURAL = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01gagged &x04%s &x01for &x04%d &x03minutes &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s &x01| &x03Flags: &x04%s
LOG_GAGGED_SINGULAR = ADMIN %s gagged [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] for 1 minute | Reason: %s | Expires: %s | Flags: %s
LOG_GAGGED_PLURAL = ADMIN %s gagged [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] for %d minutes | Reason: %s | Expires: %s | Flags: %s
AMX_UNGAG_USAGE = Usage is: amx_ungag <nick|steamid|ip>
UNGAGGED = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01ungagged &x04%s
AMX_SAY_USAGE = Usage is: amx_say <message>
TEAM_CHANGE = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01has transfered &x04%s &x01to the &x03%s &x01team
AMX_TEAM_USAGE = Usage is: amx_team <nick> <team> <respawn>
INVALID_TEAM = Invalid team, available teams are: 1 (T) | 2 (CT) | 3 (SPEC)
SAY_CHAT_LOG = Player [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] say: %s
LOGS_FILE_CREATED = Logs file not found, creating a new one!
USERS_FILE_CREATED = Users file not found, creating a new one!
BANS_FILE_CREATED = Bans file not found, creating a new one!
CONFIGS_FILE_CREATED = Configs file not found, creating a new one!
GAGS_FILE_CREATED = Gags file not found, creating a new one!
RANKS_FILE_CREATED = Ranks file not found, creating a new one!
CVARS_FILE_CREATED = Cvars file not found, creating a new one!
ERROR_MISSING = EAS ERROR: Configs file is empty/missing, make sure to download original file.
BANNED_PERMANENT = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01banned &x04%s &x01permanently &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s
LOG_BANNED_PERMANENT = ADMIN %s banned [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] permanently | Reason: %s | Ban expires: Never |
GAGGED_PERMANENT = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01gagged &x04%s &x01permanently &x01| &x03Flags: &x04%s &x01| &x03Reason: &x04%s
LOG_GAGGED_PERMANENT = ADMIN %s gagged [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] permanently | Reason: %s | Expires: Never | Flags: %s
ADDED_TO_BANLIST_PERMANENT = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01added to banlist &x03[&x01Name: &x04%s &x03| &x01SteamID: &x04%s &x03| &x01IP: &x04%s &x03| &x01Minutes: &x04Permanent&x03]
LOG_ADDED_TO_BANLIST_PERMANENT = ADMIN %s has added to banlist [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s | Minutes: 0 | Expires: Never | Reason: %s]
ADDED_TO_BANLIST = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01added to banlist &x03[&x01Name: &x04%s &x03| &x01SteamID: &x04%s &x03| &x01IP: &x04%s &x03| &x01Minutes: &x04%d&x03]
LOG_ADDED_TO_BANLIST = ADMIN %s has added to banlist [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s | Minutes: %d | Expires: %s | Reason: %s]
BAN_INFO_EXPIRE_NEVER = Ban expires: Never
BAN_INFO_EXPIRE = Ban expires: %s
BAN_INFO_REASON = Ban reason: %s
BAN_INFO_BY = Banned by admin: %s
BAN_INFO_BANNED = You're banned from this server
GAG_MENU = Gag Menu
NO_GAGS_FOUND = &x01No gags were found!
MAP_MENU = Map Menu
ADMIN_CHAT_SAY = &x04%s to admins: %s
SAY_CHAT_LOG_ADMIN = [Admin Chat] Player [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] say: %s
CANT_PERFORM_IMMUNITY = &x01You can't perform actions on players with &x04higher immunity&x03!
EMPTY_STRING = &x01Empty string, you must write something
NAME_CHANGE_LOG = Player [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] changed nick to %s
CONNECT_LOG = Player [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] connected to the server
MAP_NOT_FOUND = &x01Map could not be found
INVALID_FLAGS = Invalid flags, available: s - say | v - voicechat
NO_ACCESS_MENU = You have no access to this menu!
PSAY_HIM = &x04[PSAY] &x03You &x04to &x01%s&x03: &x04%s
PSAY_YOU = &x04[PSAY] &x03%s &x04to you&x03: &x04%s
NAME = Name
FLAGS = Flags
RANK = Rank
SPECTATING_NAME = Spectating player name
AMX_PSAY_USAGE = amx_psay <nick> <message>
ADDED_TO_GAGLIST_PERMANENT = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01added to gaglist &x03[&x01Name: &x04%s &x03| &x01SteamID: &x04%s &x03| &x01IP: &x04%s &x03| &x01Minutes: &x04Permanent&x03]
LOG_ADDED_TO_GAGLIST_PERMANENT = ADMIN %s has added to banlist [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s | Minutes: Permanent | Expires: Never | Flags: %s | Reason: %s]
ADDED_TO_GAGLIST = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x01added to gaglist &x03[&x01Name: &x04%s &x03| &x01SteamID: &x04%s &x03| &x01IP: &x04%s &x03| &x01Minutes: &x04%d&x03]
LOG_ADDED_TO_GAGLIST = ADMIN %s has added to gaglist [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s | Minutes: %d | Expires: %s | Flags: %s | Reason: %s]
ADD_NEW_GAG = Add a new gag
AMX_ADDGAG_USAGE = Usage is: amx_addgag <nick> <steamid> <ip> <minutes> <flags> <reason>
TEAM_MENU = Team Menu
CURRENT_SWITCH_TEAM = Current Switch Team
BANNED_PLAYER_CONNECTED = &x01Banned player tried connecting &x03[&x03Name: &x04%s &x01| &x03SteamID: &x04%s &x01| &x03IP: &x04%s&x03]
PLAYER_ALREADY_GAGGED = Player is already gagged
PLAYER_NOT_GAGGED = Player is not gagged
REDUCED_GAG = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x03reduced &x04%d &x01minutes from &x04%s's &x01gag time
EXTENDED_GAG = &x01ADMIN &x04%s &x03extended &x04%s's &x01gag time by &x04%d &x03minutes
AMX_EXTEND_GAG_USAGE = Usage is: amx_exgag <nick|steamid|ip> <minutes>
AMX_REDUCE_GAG_USAGE = Usage is: amx_regag <nick|steamid|ip> <minutes>
ADMIN_EXPIRE_DATE = &x03Your &x01%s &x03privileges expire on: &x04%s
ADMIN_EXPIRE_DATE_NEVER = &x03Your &x01%s &x03privileges expire: &x04never
GAG_EXPIRE_OTHER = &x01%s&x03's &x01gag has &x04expired
GAG_EXPIRE_SELF = &x01Your gag has &x04expired
ADMIN_SAY = &x04%s : &x01%s
AMX_TSAY_USAGE = Usage is: amx_tsay <color> <text> <private>
MISSING_DEFAULT_MODEL = Missing default model: %s
TSAY_LOG = Player [Name: %s | SteamID: %s | IP: %s] t-say: %s

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