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Zombie Plague

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Hi everyone, I would really appreciate any translations you guys can make to be used in Zombie Plague Mod. They will be included in future releases and credits will be given.
Thanks in advance,

Languages already translated:
  • es - Spanish (MeRcyLeZZ)
  • bp - Portuguese (DKs/nunoabc/DarkMarcos)
  • pl - Polish (JahMan/KWo)
  • de - German (DA)
  • lt - Lithuanian (hleV/aaarnas)
  • bg - Bulgarian (darkbad945)
  • da - Danish (DoPe^)
  • fr - French (k1nny)
  • ro - Romanian (shadoww_ro/tuty/georgik57/EastSider)
  • cz - Czech (NeWbiE')
  • sk - Slovak (lOlIl/Seehank)
  • sv - Swedish (Bridgestone)
  • nl - Dutch (crazyeffect.net/Mave/Wesley)
  • gr - Greek (TehGeorge)
  • ru - Russian (SUPER MATRIX/Shidla/zDemon/4eRT)
  • cn - Chinese Simplified (zsy314)
  • tc - Traditional Chinese (skymoon)
  • vn - Vietnamese (decongamco)
  • mn - Mongolian (beckham9224)
  • ls - 1337 sp34k (Zombie Lurker)

Note: To see some translations correctly in-game the file should be saved as UTF8 without BOM. You can achieve this with an editor like Notepad++.

NOTICE_INFO1 = Press M to show the game menu
NOTICE_INFO2 = Press , or . to purchase ammo
NOTICE_VIRUS_FREE = The T-Virus has been set loose...
NOTICE_FIRST = %s is the first zombie !!
NOTICE_INFECT = %s's brains has been eaten...
NOTICE_INFECT2 = %s's brains has been eaten by %s...
NOTICE_ANTIDOTE = %s has used an antidote...
NOTICE_NEMESIS = %s is a Nemesis !!!
NOTICE_SURVIVOR = %s is a Survivor !!!
NOTICE_SWARM = Swarm Mode !!!
NOTICE_MULTI = Multiple Infection !!!
NOTICE_PLAGUE = Plague Mode !!!

WIN_HUMAN = Humans defeated the plague!
WIN_ZOMBIE = Zombies have taken over the world!
WIN_NO_ONE = No one won...

CMD_INFECT = turned into a Zombie
CMD_DISINFECT = turned back to Human
CMD_NEMESIS = turned into a Nemesis
CMD_SURVIVAL = turned into a Survivor
CMD_SWARM = start Swarm Mode
CMD_MULTI = start Multiple Infection
CMD_PLAGUE = start Plague Mode
CMD_RESPAWN = respawned
CMD_NOT = Unavailable command.
CMD_ZOMBIE_ONLY = This is only available to zombies.
CMD_HUMAN_ONLY = This is only available to humans.
CMD_NOT_STUCK = You are not stuck.
CMD_NOT_ACCESS = You have no access.
CMD_NOT_CANTUSE = You can't use this right now.
CMD_NOT_EXTRAS = Extra Items are disabled.
CMD_NOT_ZCLASSES = Zombie Classes are disabled.

MENU_BUY = Buy Weapons
MENU_EXTRABUY = Buy Extra Items
MENU_ZCLASS = Choose Zombie Class
MENU_ADMIN = Admin Menu
MENU_SPECTATOR = Join Spectators

MENU_BUY1_TITLE = Primary Weapon
MENU_BUY2_TITLE = Secondary Weapon
MENU_INFO_TITLE = Plugin Information

MENU_EXTRA1 = NightVision (single round)
MENU_EXTRA2 = T-Virus Antidote
MENU_EXTRA3 = Zombie Madness
MENU_EXTRA4 = Infection Bomb
MENU_ADMIN1 = Make Zombie/Human
MENU_ADMIN2 = Make Nemesis
MENU_ADMIN3 = Make Survivor
MENU_ADMIN4 = Respawn Someone
MENU_ADMIN5 = Start Swarm Mode
MENU_ADMIN6 = Start Multiple Infection
MENU_ADMIN7 = Start Plague Mode
MENU_INFO1 = General
MENU_INFO2 = Humans
MENU_INFO3 = Zombies
MENU_INFO4 = Gameplay Modes

MENU_AUTOSELECT = Remember Selection

MOTD_INFO11 = <meta charset=UTF-8><body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>%s %s by %s :</b> is a Counter-Strike plugin developed for AMX Mod X, in which humans and zombies are confronted. It is based on the classic zombie infection mod: on every round a random player is picked to be the first zombie who has to infect everyone else. 
MOTD_INFO12 = But there are new features and enhancements. For instance, you are able to buy extra items (such as weapons) in exchange of ammo packs. You can get ammo packs by killing zombies/infecting humans.<br><br><br><u>Current server settings:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO1_A = <br>Ambience Effects:
MOTD_INFO1_B = <br>Lightning Level: %s
MOTD_INFO1_C = <br>Triggered Lights: %L
MOTD_INFO1_D = <br>Thunderclaps Every: %d seconds
MOTD_INFO1_E = <br>Doors: %L
MOTD_INFO1_F = <br>Deathmatch: %L
MOTD_INFO1_G = <br>Spawn Protection Time: %d seconds
MOTD_INFO1_H = <br>Random Spawning: %L
MOTD_INFO1_I = <br>Extra Items: %L
MOTD_INFO1_J = <br>Zombie Classes: %L
MOTD_INFO1_K = <br>Custom Nightvision: %L
MOTD_INFO1_L = <br>Custom Flashlight: %L
MOTD_INFO2 = <meta charset=UTF-8><body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Humans:</b> their objective is to eliminate any zombie threat. They have a big arsenal of weapons to choose from, and use flashlights on dark maps. Team work is a must to survive.<br><br><br><u>Current server settings:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO2_A = <br>Health: %d
MOTD_INFO2_B = <br>Health Reward for Last Human: %d
MOTD_INFO2_C = <br>Speed: %d
MOTD_INFO2_D = <br>Gravity: %d
MOTD_INFO2_E = <br>Ammo: %L
MOTD_INFO2_F = <br>Damage to Get an Ammo Pack: %d
MOTD_INFO2_G = <br>Fire Grenades: %L
MOTD_INFO2_H = <br>Frost Grenades: %L
MOTD_INFO2_I = <br>Flare Grenades: %L
MOTD_INFO2_J = <br>Knockback: %L
MOTD_INFO3 = <meta charset=UTF-8><body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Zombies:</b> their objective is to infect every alive human. They are able to see in the dark, but can only attack melee. There are many zombie classes to choose from, each with his own strenghts and weaknesses, but all capable of eating brains.<br><br><br><u>Current server settings:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO3_A = <br>Zombie Health: %d
MOTD_INFO3_B = <br>First Zombie Health: %d
MOTD_INFO3_C = <br>Armor: %d%% damage taken
MOTD_INFO3_D = <br>Speed: %d
MOTD_INFO3_E = <br>Gravity: %d
MOTD_INFO3_F = <br>HP for Infection: %d
MOTD_INFO3_G = <br>Pain Shock Free: %L
MOTD_INFO3_H = <br>Bleeding: %L
MOTD_INFO3_I = <br>Ammo Packs for Infection: %d
MOTD_INFO4 = <meta charset=UTF-8><body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Mini-Games:</b> there are 5 special gameplay modes that may randomly take place during the course of the game.<br><br><br><u>Current server settings:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO4_A = <br>Nemesis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_B = <br>Nemesis Chance: 1 in %d
MOTD_INFO4_C = <br>Nemesis Health: %s
MOTD_INFO4_D = <br>Nemesis Speed: %d
MOTD_INFO4_E = <br>Nemesis Gravity: %d
MOTD_INFO4_F = <br>Nemesis Leap: %L
MOTD_INFO4_G = <br>Nemesis Pain Shock Free: %L
MOTD_INFO4_H = <br><br>Survivor: %L
MOTD_INFO4_I = <br>Survivor Chance: 1 in %d
MOTD_INFO4_J = <br>Survivor Health: %s
MOTD_INFO4_K = <br>Survivor Speed: %d
MOTD_INFO4_L = <br>Survivor Gravity: %d
MOTD_INFO4_M = <br>Survivor Leap: %L
MOTD_INFO4_N = <br>Survivor Pain Shock Free: %L
MOTD_INFO4_O = <br><br>Swarm Mode: %L
MOTD_INFO4_P = <br>Swarm Mode Chance: 1 in %d
MOTD_INFO4_Q = <br><br>Multi Infection: %L
MOTD_INFO4_R = <br>Multi Infection Chance: 1 in %d
MOTD_INFO4_S = <br>Infection Ratio: %d%%
MOTD_INFO4_T = <br><br>Plague Mode: %L
MOTD_INFO4_U = <br>Plague Mode Chance: 1 in %d
MOTD_INFO4_V = <br>Infection Ratio: %d%%

MOTD_ROTATING = Rotating doors removed
MOTD_DOORS = All doors removed
MOTD_DM_HUMAN = Respawn as human
MOTD_DM_ZOMBIE = Respawn as zombie
MOTD_AMMO_BP = Unlimited reloads
MOTD_AMMO_CLIP = Unlimited clip
MOTD_LASTZOMBIE = Only on last zombie

ZOMBIE_ATTRIB4 = Knockback


LAST_ZOMBIE_LEFT = The last zombie has left, %s is the new zombie.
LAST_HUMAN_LEFT = The last human has left, %s is the new human.
NOT_ENOUGH_AMMO = You dont have enough ammo packs.
AMMO_BOUGHT = You purchased extra ammo for your guns.
ZOMBIE_SELECT = Your zombie class after the next infection will be
BUY_ENABLED = Your buy menu has been re-enabled.
AMMO_PACKS1 = Ammo packs:
AMMO_PACKS2 = ammo packs
SPECTATING = Spectating:

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[PL] -Poland
NOTICE_INFO1 = Wcisnij M zeby uruchomic menu gry
NOTICE_INFO2 = wcisnij , albo . zeby kupic amunicje
NOTICE_VIRUS_FREE = T-Virus zostal stracony...
NOTICE_FIRST = %s jest pierwszym zombi !!
NOTICE_INFECT = %s mozg zostal zainfekowany...
NOTICE_ANTIDOTE = %s uzyl antidotum...
NOTICE_NEMESIS = %s jest Nemesis !!!
NOTICE_SURVIVOR = %s stał sie Survivor !!!
NOTICE_SWARM = Swarm Mode !!!
NOTICE_MULTI = wielokrotna infekcja !!!

WIN_HUMAN = Ludzie pokonali plage!
WIN_ZOMBIE = Zombi zapanowal nad swiatem!
WIN_NO_ONE = Nikt nie wygral...

CMD_INFECT = zmieniony w Zombi
CMD_DISINFECT = Zmieniony spowrotem w czlowieka
CMD_NEMESIS = Zmieniony w Nemesis
CMD_SURVIVAL = zmieniony w Survivor
CMD_SWARM = Rozpoczyna sie Swarm Mode
CMD_MULTI = Rozpoczyna sie wielokrotna infekcja
CMD_RESPAWN = respawned
CMD_NOT = Nieznana komenda.
CMD_ZOMBIE_ONLY = Mozliwe tylko dla zombiakow.
CMD_HUMAN_ONLY = Mozliwe tylko dla ludzi.
CMD_NOT_STUCK = Nie jestes uprawniony. (nie jestes zablokowany)
CMD_NOT_ACCESS = Nie masz dostepu.
CMD_NOT_CANTUSE = Nie mozesz uzywac tego teraz.
CMD_NOT_EXTRAS = Dodatkowe rzeczy sa wylaczone.
CMD_NOT_ZCLASSES = Klasy zombi sa wylaczone.

MENU_BUY = Kup bron
MENU_EXTRABUY = Kup dodatkowy ekwipunek
MENU_ZCLASS = Wybierz klase zombi
MENU_UNSTUCK = Odlepiony
MENU_ADMIN = Menu Admina

MENU_BUY1_TITLE = Primary Weapon
MENU_BUY2_TITLE = Secondary Weapon
MENU_EXTRA_TITLE = Dodatkowe rzeczy
MENU_INFO_TITLE = Informacje o Pluginie

MENU_ZCLASS1 = Zbalansowany
MENU_ZCLASS2 = Wzrosła szybkosc
MENU_ZCLASS3 = Wyzsze skakanie
MENU_ZCLASS6 = Radioaktywnosc
MENU_EXTRA1 = Noktowizor (pojedyncza runda)
MENU_EXTRA2 = Antidotum na T-virus
MENU_EXTRA3 = Szalone Zombi
MENU_EXTRA4 = Bomba ktora zaraza
MENU_ADMIN1 = Zrob Zombie/czlowiekiem
MENU_ADMIN2 = Zrob Nemesis
MENU_ADMIN3 = Zrob Survivor
MENU_ADMIN4 = Respawn kogos
MENU_ADMIN5 = Start Swam Mode
MENU_ADMIN6 = Start Wielokrotna Infekcje
MENU_INFO1 = Ogolne
MENU_INFO2 = Ludzie
MENU_INFO3 = Zombi
MENU_INFO4 = Tryby Gry

MENU_BACK = Powrot
MENU_NEXT = Nastepny
MENU_EXIT = Wyjscie

MOTD_INFO11 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>%s %s by %s :</b> jest Counter-Strike plugin zrobionym pod AMX Mod X, w ktorym ludzie i zombi walcza ze soba. Bazuje na klasach zomni z infection mod: W każdej rundzie jeden gracz staje sie zombi ktore zaraza wszystkich innych.
MOTD_INFO12 = Ale teraz sa nowe modyfikacje i dodatki. Dla przykladu, mozesz kupic dodatkowe rzeczy (cos jak bronie) i dokupic do nich amunicje. Mozesz dostawac ammo zabijajac zombi/zainfekowanych ludzi.<br><br><br><u>Obecne ustawienia serwera:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO1_A = <br>Efekty klimatu:
MOTD_INFO1_B = <br>Poziom Oswietlenia: %s
MOTD_INFO1_C = <br>uruchomione swiatla: %L
MOTD_INFO1_D = <br>Piorun uderza kazde: %d sekund
MOTD_INFO1_E = <br>Drzwi: %L
MOTD_INFO1_F = <br>Deathmatch: %L
MOTD_INFO1_G = <br>Czas ochrony po materializacji: %d sekund
MOTD_INFO1_H = <br>Przypadkowa materializacja: %L
MOTD_INFO1_I = <br>Dodatkowe rzeczy: %L
MOTD_INFO1_J = <br>Klasy Zombi: %L
MOTD_INFO1_K = <br>Custom Nightvision: %L
MOTD_INFO1_L = <br>Custom Flashlight: %L
MOTD_INFO2 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Ludzie:</b> ich celem jest eliminacja wszystkich zombi jakie znajda. Maja duzy arsenal broni, oraz uzywaja latarek na ciemnych mapach. PRACUJCIE ZASPOLOWA ZEBYSCIE PRZETRWALI.<br><br><br><u>Obecne ustawienia serwera:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO2_A = <br>Zdrowie: %d
MOTD_INFO2_B = <br>Szybkosc: %d
MOTD_INFO2_C = <br>Grawitacja: %d
MOTD_INFO2_D = <br>Amunicja: %L
MOTD_INFO2_E = <br>Obrazenia by uzyskac paczke ammo: %d
MOTD_INFO2_F = <br>Granaty ogniowe: %L
MOTD_INFO2_G = <br>Granaty lodowe: %L
MOTD_INFO2_H = <br>Granaty oswietlajace: %L
MOTD_INFO2_I = <br>Polobrot: %L
MOTD_INFO2_J = <br>Sila Polobrotu: %d
MOTD_INFO3 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Zombies:</b> Waszym celem jest zainfekowanie kazdego zywego czlowieka. Macie mozliwosc widzenia w ciemnosci, ale mozecie akatowac tylko w bezposrednim starciu. Jest 6 roznych klas zombi do wyboru, kazda z nich ma zalety i wady, ale kazda umnie jesc mozgi.<br><br><br><u>Obecne ustawienia serwera:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO3_A = <br>Zdrowie zombi: %d
MOTD_INFO3_B = <br>Pierwotne zdrowie zombi: %d
MOTD_INFO3_C = <br>Pancerz: %d%% przyjete obrazenia
MOTD_INFO3_D = <br>Szybkosc: %d
MOTD_INFO3_E = <br>Grawitacja: %d
MOTD_INFO3_F = <br>HP dla infekcji: %d
MOTD_INFO3_G = <br>Pain Shock Free: %L
MOTD_INFO3_H = <br>Krwawienie: %L
MOTD_INFO3_I = <br>Paczki ammo dla infekcji: %d
MOTD_INFO4 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Mini-Games:</b> znajduja sie 4 specjalne gameplay modes that may randomly occur during the course of the game.<br><br><br><u>Obecne ustawienia serwera:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO4_A = <br>Nemesis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_B = <br>Nemesis Przypadkowosc: 1 w %d
MOTD_INFO4_C = <br>Nemesis Zdrowie: %s
MOTD_INFO4_D = <br>Nemesis Szybkosc: %d
MOTD_INFO4_E = <br>Nemesis Grawitacja: %d
MOTD_INFO4_F = <br>Nemesis Szkocznosc: %L
MOTD_INFO4_G = <br>Nemesis Pain Shock Free: %L
MOTD_INFO4_H = <br><br>Survivor: %L
MOTD_INFO4_I = <br>Survivor Przypadkowosc: 1 in %d
MOTD_INFO4_J = <br>Survivor Zdrowie: %s
MOTD_INFO4_K = <br>Survivor Szybkosc: %d
MOTD_INFO4_L = <br>Survivor Grawitacja: %d
MOTD_INFO4_M = <br>Survivor Szkocznosc: %L
MOTD_INFO4_N = <br>Survivor Pain Shock Free: %L
MOTD_INFO4_O = <br><br>Swarm Mode: %L
MOTD_INFO4_P = <br>Przypadkowosc Swarm Mode: 1 w %d
MOTD_INFO4_Q = <br><br>Wielokrotna infekcja: %L
MOTD_INFO4_R = <br>Przypadkowosc wielokrotnej infekcji: 1 w %d
MOTD_INFO4_S = <br>Stosunek Infekcji: %d%%

MOTD_RAIN = Deszcz
MOTD_ROTATING = Dzrwi obrotowe usuniete
MOTD_DOORS = Wszystkie drzwi usuniete
MOTD_DM_HUMAN = Rematerializacja jako czlowiek
MOTD_DM_ZOMBIE = Rematerializacja jako zombi
MOTD_LIMITED = ograniczone
MOTD_AMMO_BP = Nieograniczone przeladowania
MOTD_AMMO_CLIP = Nieograniczony magazynek
MOTD_KNOCKBACK1 = Tylko Shotgun'y
MOTD_KNOCKBACK2 = Wszystkie bronie
MOTD_LASTZOMBIE = Only on last zombie

ZOMBIE_ATTRIB3 = Grawitacja
ZOMBIE_ATTRIB4 = Knockback

CLASS_HUMAN = Człowiek
CLASS_ZOMBIE1 = Klasyczne Zombie
CLASS_ZOMBIE2 = Raptor Zombie
CLASS_ZOMBIE3 = Trujace Zombie
CLASS_ZOMBIE4 = Tluste Zombie
CLASS_ZOMBIE5 = Zombie - Pijawki
CLASS_ZOMBIE6 = Wsciekle Zombie

LAST_ZOMBIE_LEFT = Ostatnie Zombi opuscilo serwer, %s stal sie nowym zombi.
LAST_HUMAN_LEFT = Ostatni czlowiek opuscil serwer, %s stal sie nowym czlowiekiem.
NOT_ENOUGH_AMMO = Nie masz wystarczajacej ilosci paczek z amunicja.
AMMO_BOUGHT = Zdobyles dodatkowe amo do twojej broni.
ZOMBIE_SELECT = Twoja nowa klasa zombi jest
AMMO_PACKS1 = Ammo packs:
AMMO_PACKS2 = ammo packs
SPECTATING = Obserwuje:

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Nice work.
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NOTICE_INFO1 = Spausk M, kad gautum zaidimo meniu
NOTICE_INFO2 = Spausk , arba . kad nusipirktum soviniu
NOTICE_VIRUS_FREE = T-Virusas buvo paskleistas...
NOTICE_FIRST = %s yra pirmasis zombis!!!
NOTICE_INFECT = %s smegenys buvo suvalgytos...
NOTICE_ANTIDOTE = %s panaudojo priesnuodi...
NOTICE_NEMESIS = %s yra kersytojas!!!
NOTICE_SURVIVOR = %s yra isgyventojas!!!
NOTICE_SWARM = Spieciaus rezimas!!!
NOTICE_MULTI = Keleriopa infekcija!!!
WIN_HUMAN = Zmones nugalejo mara!
WIN_ZOMBIE = Zombiai isigalejo pasaulyje!
WIN_NO_ONE = Nelaimejo niekas...
CMD_INFECT = pavirtai i zombi
CMD_DISINFECT = atvirtai i zmogu
CMD_NEMESIS = pavirtai i kersytoja
CMD_SURVIVAL = pavirtai i isgyventoja
CMD_SWARM = pradeti spieciaus rezima
CMD_MULTI = pradeti multi infekcija
CMD_RESPAWN = atsiradai
CMD_NOT = Negalima komanda.
CMD_ZOMBIE_ONLY = Tai prieinama tik zombiams.
CMD_HUMAN_ONLY = Tai prieinama tik zmonems.
CMD_NOT_STUCK = Tu ne uzstriges.
CMD_NOT_ACCESS = Neturi priejimo.
CMD_NOT_CANTUSE = Dabar negali sito naudoti.
CMD_NOT_EXTRAS = Papildomi daigtai yra isjungti.
CMD_NOT_ZCLASSES = Zombiu kases yra isjungtos.
MENU_BUY = Pirkti ginklus
MENU_EXTRABUY = Pirkti papildomus daigtus
MENU_ZCLASS = Pasirinkti zombiu klase
MENU_UNSTUCK = Atstrigti
MENU_ADMIN = Admino meniu
MENU_INFO = Pagalba
MENU_BUY1_TITLE = Pirminis ginklas
MENU_BUY2_TITLE = Antrinis ginklas
MENU_ZCLASS_TITLE = Zombio klase
MENU_EXTRA_TITLE = Papildomi daigtai
MENU_ADMIN_TITLE = Admino meniu
MENU_INFO_TITLE = Plugino informacija
MENU_ZCLASS1 = Subalansuotas
MENU_ZCLASS2 = Padidintas greitis
MENU_ZCLASS3 = Aukstesni suoliai
MENU_ZCLASS4 = Padidinta HP
MENU_ZCLASS5 = x3 HP infekcijos bonusas
MENU_ZCLASS6 = Radioaktyvus
MENU_EXTRA1 = NightVision (vienam raundui)
MENU_EXTRA2 = T-Viruso priesnuodis
MENU_EXTRA3 = Zombio pasiutimas
MENU_EXTRA4 = Infekcijos bomba
MENU_ADMIN1 = Sukurti zombi/zmogu
MENU_ADMIN2 = Sukurti kersytoja
MENU_ADMIN3 = Sukurti isgyventoja
MENU_ADMIN4 = Atstatyti kazka
MENU_ADMIN5 = Pradeti spieciaus rezima
MENU_ADMIN6 = Pradeti keleriopa infekcija
MENU_INFO1 = Generalinis
MENU_INFO2 = Zmones
MENU_INFO3 = Zombiai
MENU_INFO4 = Zaidimo rezimai
MENU_NEXT = Toliau
MENU_EXIT = Iseiti
MOTD_INFO11 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>%s %s, sukurtas %s:</b> yra Counter-Strike pluginas skirtas AMX Mod X, kur kovoja zmones ir zombiai. Viskas yra paremta klasine zombiu infekcijos modifikacija: kiekviena raunda atsitiktinis zaidejas yra isrinktas, kuris turi infekuoti visus kitus. 
MOTD_INFO12 = Bet yra nauju ypatybiu bei patobulinimu. Pvz.: jus galite pirkti papildomus daigtus (kad ir ginklus) iskeisdami juos i soviniu paketus. Jus galite gauti soviniu paketus zudydami zombius/infekuodami zmones.<br><br><br><u>Dabartiniai serverio nustatymai:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO1_A = <br>Atmosferos efektai:
MOTD_INFO1_B = <br>Zaibavimo lygis: %s
MOTD_INFO1_C = <br>Paleidziamos sviesos: %L
MOTD_INFO1_D = <br>Griaustinio dundejimas kas: %d sekundziu
MOTD_INFO1_E = <br>Durys: %L
MOTD_INFO1_F = <br>Deathmatch: %L
MOTD_INFO1_G = <br>Atsiradimo saugos laikas: %d seconds
MOTD_INFO1_H = <br>Atsiradimas betkur: %L
MOTD_INFO1_I = <br>Papildomi daigtai: %L
MOTD_INFO1_J = <br>Zombiu klases: %L
MOTD_INFO1_K = <br>Kitoks naktinis matymas: %L
MOTD_INFO1_L = <br>Kitokis prozektorius: %L
MOTD_INFO2 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Zmones:</b> ju tikslas yra eliminuoti visus zombius. Jie turi dideli ginklu arsenala bei prozektorius tamsioje aplinkoje. Komandinis darbas yra privalomas norint isgyventi.<br><br><br><u>Dabartiniai serverio nustatymai:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO2_A = <br>Gyvybes: %d
MOTD_INFO2_B = <br>Gyvybiu apdovanojimas paskutiniam zmogui: %d
MOTD_INFO2_C = <br>Greitis: %d
MOTD_INFO2_D = <br>Gravitacija: %d
MOTD_INFO2_E = <br>Soviniai: %L
MOTD_INFO2_F = <br>Zala, uz kuria gaunami soviniu paketai: %d
MOTD_INFO2_G = <br>Ugnies granatos: %L
MOTD_INFO2_H = <br>Salcio granatos: %L
MOTD_INFO2_I = <br>Sviesos granatos: %L
MOTD_INFO2_J = <br>Knockback: %L
MOTD_INFO2_K = <br>Knockback galia: %d
MOTD_INFO3 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Zombiai:</b> ju tikslas yra infekuoti visus gyvus zmones. Jie gali matyti tamsoje, bet gali atakuoti tik rankomias/nagais. Galite rinktis is 6 zombiu klasiu, kiekviena turi pliusu ir minusu, bet visos troksta valgyti smegenis.<br><br><br><u>Dabartiniai serverio nustatymai:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO3_A = <br>Zombiu gyvybes: %d
MOTD_INFO3_B = <br>Pirmojo zombio gyvybes: %d
MOTD_INFO3_C = <br>Sarvai: %d%% padarytos zalos
MOTD_INFO3_D = <br>Greitis: %d
MOTD_INFO3_E = <br>Gravitacija: %d
MOTD_INFO3_F = <br>HP uz infekavima: %d
MOTD_INFO3_G = <br>Skausmo soko nejautimas: %L
MOTD_INFO3_H = <br>Kraujavimas: %L
MOTD_INFO3_I = <br>Soviniu paketai uz infekavima: %d
MOTD_INFO4 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Mini-zaidimai:</b> yra 4 skirtingi specialus zaidimo rezimai, kurie gali automatiskai pasikeisti einant zaidimui.<br><br><br><u>Dabartiniai serverio nustatymai:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO4_A = <br>Kersytojas: %L
MOTD_INFO4_B = <br>Kersytojo sansas: 1 is %d
MOTD_INFO4_C = <br>Kersytojo gyvybes: %s
MOTD_INFO4_D = <br>Kersytojo greitis: %d
MOTD_INFO4_E = <br>Kersytojo gravitacija: %d
MOTD_INFO4_F = <br>Kersytojo suolis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_G = <br>Kersytojo skausmo soko nejautimas: %L
MOTD_INFO4_H = <br><br>Isgyventojas: %L
MOTD_INFO4_I = <br>Isgyventojo sansas: 1 is %d
MOTD_INFO4_J = <br>Isgyventojo gyvybes: %s
MOTD_INFO4_K = <br>Isgyventojo greitis: %d
MOTD_INFO4_L = <br>Isgyventojo gravitacija: %d
MOTD_INFO4_M = <br>Isgyventojo suolis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_N = <br>Isgyventojo skausmo soko nejautimas: %L
MOTD_INFO4_O = <br><br>Spieciaus rezimas: %L
MOTD_INFO4_P = <br>Spieciaus rezimo sansas: 1 is %d
MOTD_INFO4_Q = <br><br>Multi infekcija: %L
MOTD_INFO4_R = <br>Multi infekcijos sansas: 1 is %d
MOTD_INFO4_S = <br>Infekcijos santykis: %d%%
MOTD_REMOVED = Pasalinta
MOTD_FOG = Rukas
MOTD_RAIN = Lietus
MOTD_SNOW = Sniegas
MOTD_ROTATING = Atidaromos durys isimtos
MOTD_DOORS = Visos durys isimtos
MOTD_DM_HUMAN = Atsirasti zmogumi
MOTD_DM_ZOMBIE = Atsirasti zombiu
MOTD_AMMO_BP = Nesibaigiantys uzsitaisymai
MOTD_AMMO_CLIP = Nesibaigianti apkaba
MOTD_KNOCKBACK1 = Tik sautuvams
MOTD_KNOCKBACK2 = Visiems pirminiams ginklams
MOTD_LASTZOMBIE = Tik paskutiniam zombiui
ZOMBIE_ATTRIB3 = Gravitacija
ZOMBIE_ATTRIB4 = Knockback
CLASS_SURVIVOR = Isgyventojas
CLASS_NEMESIS = Kersytojas
CLASS_ZOMBIE1 = Klasikinis zombis
CLASS_ZOMBIE2 = Plesrunas zombis
CLASS_ZOMBIE3 = Nuodingas zombis
CLASS_ZOMBIE4 = Storas zombis
CLASS_ZOMBIE5 = Kraugerys zombis
CLASS_ZOMBIE6 = Ipykes zombis
LAST_ZOMBIE_LEFT = Paskutinis zombis isejo, %s yra naujas zombis.
LAST_HUMAN_LEFT = Paskutinis zmogus isejo, %s yra naujas zmogus.
NOT_ENOUGH_AMMO = Tu neturi pakankamai soviniu paketu.
AMMO_BOUGHT = Tu nusipirkai ekstra soviniu paketu savo ginklams.
ZOMBIE_SELECT = Kai sekanti karta busi infekuotas, tavo zombio klase bus
AMMO_PACKS1 = Soviniu paketai:
AMMO_PACKS2 = soviniu paketai
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I've made a European Portuguese version of the translation because:
  • I don't like the Brazilian Portuguese and it isn't the original Portuguese;
  • there were some errors (CMD_ZOMBIE_ONLY and CMD_HUMAN_ONLY were the same, which is false);
  • a lot of capital letters that shouldn't be there and
  • added HTML special characters (only to MOTD).
NOTICE_INFO1 = Carregue no M para mostrar o menu do jogo.
NOTICE_INFO2 = Carregue no , ou no . para comprar municoes.
NOTICE_VIRUS_FREE = O Virus-T foi libertado...
NOTICE_FIRST = %s e o primeiro zombie!
NOTICE_INFECT = %s esta Infectado. CORRA!
NOTICE_ANTIDOTE = %s usou um antidoto...
NOTICE_SWARM = Modo Swarm!
NOTICE_MULTI = Infeccao Multipla!

WIN_HUMAN = O virus foi Aniquilado do Mundo!
WIN_ZOMBIE = Mundo foi Infectado. Raca Humana extinta!
WIN_NO_ONE = Resta uma unica pergunta. Ha sobreviventes?

CMD_INFECT = Convertido em Zombie
CMD_DISINFECT = Convertido em Humano
CMD_NEMESIS = Convertido em Nemesis
CMD_SURVIVAL = Convertido em Survivor
CMD_SWARM = Comecar Modo Swarm
CMD_MULTI = Comecar Infeccao Multipla
CMD_RESPAWN = Revivido
CMD_NOT = Comando nao disponivel.
CMD_ZOMBIE_ONLY = Comando apenas para zombies.
CMD_HUMAN_ONLY = Comando apenas para humanos.
CMD_NOT_STUCK = Nao estas encravado.
CMD_NOT_ACCESS = Nao tens acesso!
CMD_NOT_CANTUSE = Nao pode usar agora.
CMD_NOT_EXTRAS = Itens extras desligados!
CMD_NOT_ZCLASSES = Classes de zombie desligadas!

MENU_BUY = Comprar armas
MENU_EXTRABUY = Comprar itens extra
MENU_ZCLASS = Eleger classe de zombie
MENU_UNSTUCK = Desencravar (unstuck)
MENU_ADMIN = Menu de admin

MENU_BUY1_TITLE = Arma primaria
MENU_BUY2_TITLE = Arma secundaria
MENU_ZCLASS_TITLE = Classe de zombie
MENU_EXTRA_TITLE = Itens extra
MENU_ADMIN_TITLE = Menu de admin
MENU_INFO_TITLE = Informacao do plugin

MENU_ZCLASS1 = Balancado
MENU_ZCLASS2 = Maior velocidade
MENU_ZCLASS3 = Maior salto
MENU_ZCLASS5 = x3 Bonus de HP ao infectar
MENU_ZCLASS6 = Radioactivo
MENU_EXTRA1 = NightVision (uma ronda)
MENU_EXTRA2 = Antidoto do Virus-T
MENU_EXTRA3 = Furia zombie
MENU_EXTRA4 = Bomba de infeccao
MENU_ADMIN1 = Ser zombie/humano
MENU_ADMIN2 = Ser Nemesis
MENU_ADMIN3 = Ser Survivor
MENU_ADMIN4 = Reviver cliente
MENU_ADMIN5 = Comecar modo swarm
MENU_ADMIN6 = Comecar infeccao multipla
MENU_INFO1 = General
MENU_INFO2 = Humanos
MENU_INFO3 = Zombies
MENU_INFO4 = Modos de Jogo

MENU_BACK = Voltar
MENU_NEXT = Proxima

MOTD_INFO11 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>%s %s por %s :</b> &eacute; um plugin para Counter-Strike feito em AMX Mod X, onde se enfrentam humanos e zombies. Est&aacute; baseado no Classico Zombie Infection MOD: em cada ronda um jogador &eacute; infectado, e tem a proesa de espalhar o seu v&iacute;rus, o famoso V&iacute;rus-T.
MOTD_INFO12 = Novas caracter&iacute;sticas melhoradas. Por exemplo: pode-se comprar itens extra (como armas) e trocar por ammo packs. Os ammo packs s&atildeo obtidos matando zombies ou infectando humanos.<br><br><br><u>Configura&ccedil;&atilde;o actual do servidor:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO1_A = <br>Efeitos ambiente:
MOTD_INFO1_B = <br>Nivel de ilumina&ccedil;&atilde;o: %s
MOTD_INFO1_C = <br>Luzes de interrumptores: %L
MOTD_INFO1_D = <br>Rel&acirc;mpagos cada: %d segundos
MOTD_INFO1_E = <br>Portas: %L
MOTD_INFO1_F = <br>Deathmatch: %L
MOTD_INFO1_G = <br>Protec&ccedil;&atilde;o de spawn: %d segundos
MOTD_INFO1_H = <br>Spawn aleat&oacute;rio: %L
MOTD_INFO1_I = <br>Itens extra: %L
MOTD_INFO1_J = <br>Classes de zombie: %L
MOTD_INFO1_K = <br>Vis&atilde;o noturna personalizada: %L
MOTD_INFO1_L = <br>Lanterna personalizada: %L
MOTD_INFO2 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Humanos:</b> o seu objetivo &eacute; eliminar qualquer amea&ccedil;a zombie. Tem um grande arsenal de armas para escolher, e usam lanternas em mapas escuros. O trabalho em equipa &eacute; indispens&aacute;vel para sobreviver.<br><br><br><u>Configura&ccedil;&atilde;o actual do servidor:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO2_A = <br>Vida: %d
MOTD_INFO2_B = <br>Recompensa de vida para o &uacute;ltimo humano: %d
MOTD_INFO2_C = <br>Velocidade: %d
MOTD_INFO2_D = <br>Gravidade: %d
MOTD_INFO2_E = <br>Muni&ccedil;&otilde;es: %L
MOTD_INFO2_F = <br>Estrago para conseguir um Ammo Pack: %d
MOTD_INFO2_G = <br>Granadas de fogo: %L
MOTD_INFO2_H = <br>Granadas de congela&ccedil;&atilde;: %L
MOTD_INFO2_I = <br>Granadas flash: %L
MOTD_INFO2_J = <br>Knockback: %L
MOTD_INFO2_K = <br>Intensidade do knockback: %d
MOTD_INFO3 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Zombies:</b> o seu objetivo &eacute;  infectar todos os humanos. Podem ver na escurid&atilde;o, mas s&oacute; atacam de perto. H&aacute; 6 classes distintas de zombie, cada uma com suas pr&oacute;prias habilidades e caracter&iacute;sticas, mas todas com fome de um bom cerebro.<br><br><br><u>Configura&ccedil;&atilde;o atual do servidor:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO3_A = <br>Vida de zombie: %d
MOTD_INFO3_B = <br>Vida do primeiro zombie: %d
MOTD_INFO3_C = <br>Armadura: %d%% estrago recebido
MOTD_INFO3_D = <br>Velocidade: %d
MOTD_INFO3_E = <br>Gravidade: %d
MOTD_INFO3_F = <br>HP por infec&ccedil;&atilde;o: %d
MOTD_INFO3_G = <br>Velocidade n&atilde;o afectada por estragp: %L
MOTD_INFO3_H = <br>Sangrado: %L
MOTD_INFO3_I = <br>Ammo Packs por infec&ccedil;&atilde;o: %d
MOTD_INFO4 = <body bgcolor=\"#000000\"><font color=\"#FF0505\"><b>Mini-jogos:</b> h&aacute; 4 distintos modos de jogo especiais que ocorrer&atilde;o aleatoriamente durante este jogo.<br><br><br><u>Configura&ccedil;&atilde;o actual do servidor:</u><br>
MOTD_INFO4_A = <br>Nemesis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_B = <br>Chance de Nemesis: 1 em %d
MOTD_INFO4_C = <br>Vida de Nemesis: %s
MOTD_INFO4_D = <br>Velocidade de Nemesis: %d
MOTD_INFO4_E = <br>Gravidade de Nemesis: %d
MOTD_INFO4_F = <br>Salto Largo de Nemesis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_G = <br>Velocidade n&atilde;o afectada por estrago para Nemesis: %L
MOTD_INFO4_H = <br><br>Survivor: %L
MOTD_INFO4_I = <br>Chance de Survivor: 1 em %d
MOTD_INFO4_J = <br>Vida de Survivor: %s
MOTD_INFO4_K = <br>Velocidade de Survivor: %d
MOTD_INFO4_L = <br>Gravidade de Survivor: %d
MOTD_INFO4_M = <br>Salto Largo de Survivor: %L
MOTD_INFO4_N = <br>Velocidade n&atilde;o afectada por estrago para Survivor: %L
MOTD_INFO4_O = <br><br>Modo Swarm: %L
MOTD_INFO4_P = <br>Chance de modo Swarm: 1 em %d
MOTD_INFO4_Q = <br><br>Multi infec&ccedil;&atilde;o: %L
MOTD_INFO4_R = <br>Chance de multi infec&ccedil;&atilde;o: 1 en %d
MOTD_INFO4_S = <br>Indice de infec&ccedil;&atilde;o: %d%%

MOTD_ENABLED = Habilitado
MOTD_DISABLED = Desabilitado
MOTD_FOG = Neblina
MOTD_ROTATING = Portas girat&oacute;rias removidas
MOTD_DOORS = Todas as portas foram removidas
MOTD_DM_HUMAN = Renascer como humano
MOTD_DM_ZOMBIE = Renascer como zombie
MOTD_LIMITED = Muni&ccedil;&oacute;o limitada
MOTD_AMMO_BP = Muni&ccedil;&oacute;o ilimitada
MOTD_AMMO_CLIP = Sem carregar armas
MOTD_KNOCKBACK1 = Apenas armas tipo: caccedil;adeiras
MOTD_KNOCKBACK2 = Todas as armas.
MOTD_LASTZOMBIE = Sempre o &uacute;ltimo zombie

ZOMBIE_ATTRIB2 = Velocidade
ZOMBIE_ATTRIB3 = Gravidade

CLASS_ZOMBIE1 = Zombie Classico
CLASS_ZOMBIE2 = Zombie Raptor
CLASS_ZOMBIE3 = Zombie Poison
CLASS_ZOMBIE4 = Zombie Gordo
CLASS_ZOMBIE5 = Zombie Leech
CLASS_ZOMBIE6 = Zombie Rage

LAST_ZOMBIE_LEFT = O ultimo zombie foi embora, %s e o novo zombie.
LAST_HUMAN_LEFT = O ultimo humano foi embora, %s e o novo humano.
NOT_ENOUGH_AMMO = Nao tem suficientes ammo packs.
AMMO_BOUGHT = Voce comprou Municao Extra.
ZOMBIE_SELECT = Voce esta na seguinte classe de Zombies:
AMMO_PACKS1 = Ammo packs:
AMMO_PACKS2 = ammo packs
SPECTATING = A assistir:

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Thanks, and yeah feel free to make any corrections if you want.
On a sidenote, I'm not sure how to include the russian translation, as it seems AMXX can't read the file properly when I save it on UTF-8 or Unicode.
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I am realy glad that I helped

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Originally Posted by MeRcyLeZZ View Post
Thanks, and yeah feel free to make any corrections if you want.
On a sidenote, I'm not sure how to include the russian translation, as it seems AMXX can't read the file properly when I save it on UTF-8 or Unicode.
It's can
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