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[CSGO] Workshop help!

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Old 04-08-2015 , 04:13   [CSGO] Workshop help!
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So I wanted to load the workshop map at startup by using the +host_workshop_map <randomnumber> but it loads de_dust instead...

srcds -game csgo -console +game_type 3 +game_mode 0 +host_workshop_collection 421567999 +workshop_start_map 416816098 -authkey blahblah -port 27015

Anyone, please help me. I have been stuck for hours and tried everything. Thank you!

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Old 04-08-2015 , 07:47   Re: [CSGO] Workshop help!
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please please don't screen shot a console like this, pastebin the text - kittens are killed every time someone does this!

Is this a new server, have you giving it time to download all maps in your collection? By chance have you read the wiki on workshop for server operators? have you tried some of the debuging cvars it mentioned ?

try a game_mode/game_type that is supported and get rid of your gamemodes_server.txt file it should not be needed for a workshop collection.
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Old 04-08-2015 , 08:37   Re: [CSGO] Workshop help!
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That's strange issue, after one CSGO update the commands: +host_workshop_collection xxx +workshop_start_map xxx causing this problem. I didn't find any solution yet.
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