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Issue store 1.3 Css - SM 1.9 getcredits issue

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Old 10-30-2018 , 00:20   store 1.3 Css - SM 1.9 getcredits issue
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vent from store 1.2 to 1.3 when i type !shop i get this.
SourceMod, / Windows 10 / CSS
PHP Code:
 xxx: !store
L 10
/30/2018 05:17:03"xxx<2><[xxxx]><TERRORIST>" say "!store"
L 10/30/2018 05:17:03: [SMException reportedTranslation failedinvalid client index 1919906899 (arg 7)
L 10/30/2018 05:17:03: [SMBlamingstore\store-core.smx
L 10
/30/2018 05:17:03: [SMCall stack trace:
L 10/30/2018 05:17:03: [SM]   [0SetMenuTitle
L 10
/30/2018 05:17:03: [SM]   [1Line 492D:\SourcePawn\store\scripting\store-core.sp::OnGetCreditsComplete
L 10
/30/2018 05:17:03: [SM]   [3Call_Finish
L 10
/30/2018 05:17:03: [SM]   [4Line 1097D:\SourcePawn\store\scripting\store-backend.sp::SQLCall_GetCredits 
and it causes this
PHP Code:
 store-core.smx ([StoreCore Module): unexpected error 23 in AskPluginLoad callback
-distributor.smx ([StoreDistributor Module): Could not find required plugin "store-core"
store-gifting.smx ([StoreGifting Module): Could not find required plugin "store-core"
store-inventory.smx ([StoreInventory Module): unexpected error 23 in AskPluginLoad callback
-loadouts.smx ([StoreLoadouts Module): unexpected error 23 in AskPluginLoad callback
-logging.smx ([StoreLogging Module): unexpected error 23 in AskPluginLoad callback
-refunds.smx ([StoreRefunds Module): Could not find required plugin "store-core"
store-shop.smx ([StoreShop Module): unexpected error 23 in AskPluginLoad callback
-trading.smx ([StoreTrading Module): 
My current store that works
PHP Code:
  84 "[Store] Core Module" (1.2.5bby AlongubKeith Warren(Drixevel), Arrow768 
Here is current store

Here is new store 1.3 added

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Old 11-07-2018 , 05:20   Re: store 1.3 Css - SM 1.9 getcredits issue
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well all i get is

PHP Code:
L 11/07/2018 04:43:27: [SMException reportedFatal error creating dynamic native!
L 11/07/2018 04:43:27: [SMBlamingstore\store-core.smx
L 11
/07/2018 04:43:27: [SMCall stack trace:
L 11/07/2018 04:43:27: [SM]   [0CreateNative
L 11
/07/2018 04:43:27: [SM]   [1Line 212F:\Files\Google Drive\SourcePawn\projects\Sourcemod-Store\scripting\store-core.sp::AskPluginLoad2
L 11
/07/2018 04:43:27: [SMFailed to load plugin "store\store-core.smx"unexpected error 23 in AskPluginLoad callback

also this, someone messed up an already working translation on a compile but this is freshly from here version (1.2.5b)
thats the reason i wanted to upgrade this store annyway, doesn't seem like any major changes that i would need besides this translation issue.
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