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Ban Bypass/VAC disconnected players

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Old 08-17-2014 , 21:27   Ban Bypass/VAC disconnected players
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Hello everyone,

This issue has been going on for a very long time now and is getting to the point the servers I help administer are becoming over ran by players who hack or use a from of ban evasion (disconnected from VAC). This is in relation to the Family Sharing issue, but can happen many different ways.

A simple scenario of what I am referring to is as follows:

1. A player is banned on our SourceBans but are able to connect because they bypass SourceBans and are not connected to VAC so are "pending authentication". IP ban does not work. We have lowered the auto kick for disconnected players, but this can cause our legitimate players to lose connection.

2. We cannot ban them because the server does not recognize a player as "connected" at this point.

3. If for some reason the server does locate the player, the server replies "the player is already banned" and nothing is done.

4. Player continues to rejoin, spam/hack/do basically whatever they want while inexperienced admins do not know what to do in order to dismiss the player.

5. The only way to counter this problem is to start making kick binds to keys.

For example- "bind mwheelup "sm_kick #STEAMID; sm_kick #STEAMID....." up to about 6-8 ids per key bind. When that ID joins, it will show that player kicked.

My question is, why can they bypass all of the bans (VAC and SourceBans) but cannot sneak by a simple kick? I understand VAC/SB/basic Kick work on different levels, but after countless hours of searching there is no solid solution.

We have a person who has made an auto kick script which essentially just spams sm_kick searching for specific IDs. However, the downside to this is it results in constant spamming of the server shown by console. Having a full server while running this is not a crystal clear solution.

Could someone point me in the right direction of a plug-in which manages players who bypass bans in this fashion? Something has to be available.

This is a Counter Strike Source server with updated SourceBans.

If I am forgetting any information that might be needed please ask and I will do my best to answer.
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Old 08-18-2014 , 04:58   Re: Ban Bypass/VAC disconnected players
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no steam? how can they NOT be connected to vac and still join? is vac enabled?
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Old 08-18-2014 , 08:29   Re: Ban Bypass/VAC disconnected players
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The Player are connected but not validated.

Sourcebans Version 1.4.11 should block this f**ckers.
"banned_user.cfg" block will block the SteamID.

Sorry for my very bad english
Greetings HSFighter

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