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[TF2] Projectile Collision Fix

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Team Fortress 2
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    Fixes some projectiles colliding incorrectly with map geometry
    Old 06-20-2020 , 20:47   [TF2] Projectile Collision Fix
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    This plugin fixes some weapon projectiles colliding incorrectly with the non-solid bounding boxes of certain map objects. This causes them to disappear/explode in mid-air for seemingly no reason.
    The issue affects the Wrap Assassin, Bison, Pomson and Dragon's Fury. The Wrap Assassin in particular is very broken (it explodes in your face in the entire last area of badwater, for example)

    Here's a recent video by shounic about the issue:

    • Put projectile_collide_fix.smx in the plugins folder

    • 1.1.0 (09-09-20)
      • Removed dhooks/gamedata requirement
    • 1.0.0 (21-06-20)
      • Initial release
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (projectile_collide_fix.sp - 137 views - 3.1 KB)

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    That Annoying Guide
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    Old 06-22-2020 , 10:12   Re: [TF2] Projectile Collision Fix
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    Nice work. I love using the wrap assassin but holy heck is it pretty broken. Now I can finally get the true use from it. Thanks

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    Old 06-27-2020 , 22:16   Re: [TF2] Projectile Collision Fix
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    I haven't gotten to try it yet but I hope it works as intended. You are amazing for making this! Thank you!

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    Old 04-14-2021 , 15:14   Re: [TF2] Projectile Collision Fix
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    This plugin causes performance issues when used
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