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Message Logging

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Message Logging 1.17
by Damaged Soul

AMX Mod X Version: 1.75 and above
Supported Mods: All

This plugin allows for the logging of any or all messages sent by the HL engine or mod (such as DeathMsg, CurWeapon, etc) It also allows these messages to be filtered by entity.

Information that is logged includes:
  • Message name
  • Number of message arguments
  • Message ID
  • Message destination (i.e. Broadcast, One, All, etc)
  • Message origin
  • Entity that received the message
  • Entity classname
  • Entity netname
  • Every argument value and type
Required Modules

  • Console Commands
    • amx_msglog <command> [argument]
      • Displays help for logging engine/mod messages when no command is given
      • Commands:
        • start [msg name or id]
          • Starts logging given message or all if no argument
        • stop [msg name or id]
          • Stops logging given message or all if no argument
        • list [page]
          • Displays list of messages and their logging status
  • Cvars
    • amx_ml_filter [Default Value: 1]
      • Allows for filtering messages by entity index
      • Set this to the index of the entity for which you want to log messages
      • If this is set to 0, message logging will be done for all entities
    • amx_ml_logmode [Default Value: 1]
      • Determines where to log message information
      • Set this to 0 to log information to the standard AMX Mod X log file
      • Set this to 1 to log information to a separate file (messages.log) in the log directory
  • Examples
    • To log the DeathMsg message:
      • amx_msglog start DeathMsg OR amx_msglog start 83
    • To stop logging the DeathMsg message:
      • amx_msglog stop DeathMsg OR amx_msglog stop 83
    • To log all messages except the DeathMsg message:
      • amx_msglog start
      • amx_msglog stop DeathMsg OR amx_msglog stop 83
    • To log messages only sent to third player of the server:
      • amx_ml_filter 3
    • To log messages sent to all entities:
      • amx_ml_filter 0
Version History
  • 1.17 [Feb. 11, 2007]
    • Fixed: Long arguments were being reported as bytes (Thanks XxAvalanchexX)
  • 1.16 [Oct. 4, 2006]
    • Fixed: String arguments of messages that contained format paramaters (such as %s) caused runtime error 25 (thanks sawce )
    • Tabs and new-lines in string arguments of messages are now converted to ^t and ^n
  • 1.15 [July 4, 2006]
    • Now uses the Fakemeta module instead of Engine
    • Now uses vformat instead of the deprecated format_args when logging information
    • Very minor optimizations
  • 1.11 [May 11, 2006]
    • Fixed: String arguments of messages were being logged as numbers
  • 1.10 [Apr. 23, 2006]
    • Minor optimizations including the use of pcvar natives to improve performance a bit
    • Much of the logged text has been rewritten in an attempt to make it more like the Half-Life log standard
    • Now when using the start or stop commands on a specified message, both the message name and ID are printed instead of just whatever was given as the argument
    • Added: amx_ml_logmode cvar for controlling where to log message information
    • Fixed: When no arguments were given to amx_msglog, usage information was not printed
  • 1.03 [Oct. 26, 2004]
    • Public release
    • Fixed: Entity filter wasn't actually checking for valid entities correctly (thanks JGHG)
  • 1.02 [Oct. 25, 2004]
    • Fixed: If logging had been started for a message, stopped, then started again, same message was logged twice.
    • Fixed: If message name or ID was invalid, started/stopped logging all messages instead
  • 1.01 [Oct. 23, 2004]
    • Fixed: List command was not reporting correct logging status
    • Fixed: Filter was incorrectly filtering messages if amx_ml_filter was 0
  • 1.00 [Oct. 19, 2004]
    • Initial version
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