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PermaMute v0.1 (5/25)

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    Permanently mute, gag, or silence a player.
    Old 05-25-2008 , 23:18   PermaMute v0.1 (5/25)
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    PermaMute extends Basic Comm Control to allow you to permanently mute, gag, or silence players. PMutes, PGags, or PSilences will be carried over indefinitely by SteamID until you decide when to reverse the PMute/PGag/PSilence at an arbitrary point in the future.

    The following commands require Admin Chat privileges. These commands are also available through the AdminMenu system (in the Player section).
    • !pmute <player> - Permanently removes a player's ability to use voice.
    • !punmute <player> - Permamently restores a player's ability to use voice.
    • !pgag <player> - Permanently removes a player's ability to use chat.
    • !pungag <player> - Permanently restores a player's ability to use chat.
    • !psilence <player> - Permanently removes a player's ability to use voice and chat.
    • !punsilence <player> - Permanently restores a player's ability to use voice and chat.
    The following commands can be used by anyone:
    • !settings - (part of the Client Prefs system) Display whether you are permanently muted, gagged, or silenced.
    Version History
    • 2008-05-25 - v0.1
      • Initial release
    • PermaMute requires the Client Prefs system, which as of this writing is only available in the SourceMod 1.1 snapshots. As of this writing, Client Prefs does not initialize its database automatically. With MySQL, you can use "mysql -u [USER] -p [SOURCEMOD DB] < addons/sourcemod/configs/sql-init-scripts/mysql/clientprefs-mysql.sql". As of revision 2199, the Client Prefs tables are automatically initialized.
    • Copy permamute.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins
    • basecomm.smx must be running (which in all likelihood you'll already have).
    Note: The source for this plugin is derived heavily from basecomm. The "Get Plugin" link below will fail due to requiring Client Prefs. If you do not wish to compile the plugin yourself, please download the permamute.smx attachment directly.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (permamute.sp - 9614 views - 14.0 KB)

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