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[CS:GO] Custom MVP Anthem (1.11 | 2020-6-10)

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    Custom MVP Anthem For CSGO
    Old 04-24-2017 , 10:47   [CS:GO] Custom MVP Anthem (1.11 | 2020-6-10)
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    Custom MVP anthem for CSGO, with clientprefs support.

    1. Install this https://github.com/Franc1sco/FixHintColorMessages
    2. Upload files to your server.
    3. Edit configs/kento_mvp.cfg if you want to add more MVP anthem, and don't forget to upload your file to both server and fastdl.
    4. CSGO only support MP3 44.1 kHz.

    PHP Code:
    "mvp_defaultvol" "0.8"  // Default MVP anthem volume. 

    PHP Code:
    sm_mvp //Select your MVP anthem.
    sm_mvpvol //Change MVP anthem volume. 


    Known Bugs

    To Do
    • Admin command "sm_setmvp" to set player's MVP Anthem.

    If you apreciate my work, you can donate me via steam trade offer or paypal.

    Git Repo

    Please keep in mind, nobody have responsibility to help you, especially who don't open their eyes and use their brain to find answers.
    I only read messages in Chinese and English.

    GitHub | Discord:Kento#2118

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