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FF2 SV_StartSound: not precached (0) and no boss music

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Old 09-30-2022 , 11:15   SV_StartSound: not precached (0) and no boss music
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So I have been trying to fix this highly obnoxious issue for a while now and it's that for some reason no matter what I do and what precaching plugins I try to setup I always seem to be having an issue with the audio files even if the boss models themselves load correctly because the boss background music never plays even when the freak fortress server shows the name of the song as if it was being played.

Also for some reason the only audio files that will run are the intro audio files for the boss and after that the only audio that will play is that of the boss when it kills and attacks players and when it gets attacked by the player bots my screen will get spammed by "SV_StartSound: not precached (0) "such as with the headless horsemann which is probably supposed to be the sound for when it gets hit but I don't hear it at all.

I have started a thread previously about this and I did try the S downloader which failed to solve the problem at all and I even tried different freak fortress server versions + I checked my server files and dl file structure on the webserver and everything was in order.

Currently I am in contact with Goldking on Discord trying to solve the problem because I cannot figure out what is causing it and it's kind of driving me mad.

And I do have sv_pure 0 enabled on my server so it could not possibly be the cause of the problem, any idea what is the cause of this? I can provide log files if needed as well.

*important edit* I was finally able to at the very least get the music to work correctly which took me multiple hours to solve and the root cause of the problem in the first place was the fact that for some reason music settings for tf2 had been turned down to zero which I had absolutely no idea that it was even turned off and it was only by complete random I decided to check the audio settings and I was baffled when I saw the music had been turned down to zero although the precache error still persists but not as much this time luckily and I also had to verify my game files and folders on the server very closely making sure I did not do any mistakes that could stop the audio from working.

I was able to make it at least somewhat work with https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=269792 although it did not get rid of all the errors but it did get rid of most of them.

At first my theory was that it could be having trouble reading mp3 files to I converted the mp3 files to wav which did not exactly solve my problem so I just reverted back to how they were originally in the zip file.

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