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[TF2] Instantly Change Team

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PC Gamer
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Admin Commands
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Team Fortress 2
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    Administrators can change the target player's team instantly without respawn
    Old 12-22-2020 , 23:26   [TF2] Instantly Change Team
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    This plugin allows Administrators to instantly change the team of the target player without the player respawning to the Red, Blue, or Gray team. If placed on the Gray team the player will be able to attack and be attacked by the Red and Blue team. An Administrator can also move a player to the spectator team, move them from the spectator team, or move ALL players from the spectator team to a random class on the team with the fewest players.

    Admin Commands:
    Change to Red team: !ctred <target>
    Change to Blue team: !ctblue <target>
    Change to Gray team: !ctgray <target> or !ctgrey <target>
    Change to Spectator : !ctspec
    Note: If no target is provided then the command will apply to YOU.
    Remove ALL Spectating players: !nospec or !noafk (note: This will place the spectator on the team with the fewest players in a randomly chosen class)

    Change YOU to the Red team: !ctred
    Change player named Mark to the blue team: !ctblue mark
    Change target to Red team: !ctred <target>
    Change yourself to Blue team: !ctblue
    Change yourself to Gray team: !ctgray or !ctgrey

    Change yourself to Spectator : !ctspec
    Remove ALL Spectating players: !nospec or !noafk (note: This will place the spectator on the team with the fewest players as a randomly chosen class)

    Video of Instantly Change Team Plugin:

    The overwhelming majority of this code was developed by the extremely talented Benoist3012. I just put it in plugin form with commands.

    Put ichangeteam.txt into the folder: /sourcemod/gamedata/
    Put ichangeteam.smx into the folder: /sourcemod/plugins/
    Change map

    02Dec2022: Updated Gamedata file
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (ichangeteam.sp - 535 views - 8.5 KB)
    File Type: txt ichangeteam.txt (339 Bytes, 30 views)

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