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[Telegram] Core

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    Simpliest library for sending message on Telegram
    Old 11-04-2018 , 20:53   [Telegram] Core
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    Simpliest library for sending messages in Telegram

    * Send text messages.
    * @param    szText            Text of the message to be sent
    * @param    szParseMode        Markdown or HTML
    * @return  void
    native void Telegram_SendMessage(char[] szText, char[] szParseMode);
    * Send photos.
    * @param    szPhoto            Photo to send. Pass an HTTP URL as a String
    * @return  void
    native void Telegram_SendPhoto(char[] szPhoto);
    * Create native poll.
    * @param    szQuestion        Poll question
    * @param    Poll              List of answer options
    * @param    IsAnon            True, if the poll needs to be anonymous
    * @return  void
    native void Telegram_SendPoll(char[] szQuestion, JSONArray Poll, bool IsAnon = true);

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    Old 11-04-2018 , 21:06   Re: [Telegram] Core
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    I like the idea, I've seen it on GitHub a few days ago. You might want to change the game to "any" in this thread.
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    Old 11-05-2018 , 15:28   Re: [Telegram] Core
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    10 keys / 10
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    Old 11-05-2018 , 18:59   Re: [Telegram] Core
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    Might help linking to what Telegram is and why this is useful. Also why did you decide to do two functions for what 1 could do?

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    Old 11-09-2018 , 08:19   Re: [Telegram] Core
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    Subscribed. I use Telegram for my server staff chat and am trying to implement various commands to interact with the server.
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    Old 04-17-2020 , 12:17   Re: [Telegram] Core
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    Updated to version 1.1.1

    REST in Pawn

    Added new methods to the API
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