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TOGs Population Tracker (v2.5)

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    Logs player populations, connects/disconnects, player info, available spawns, wins, and total rounds for each map
    Old 02-17-2014 , 19:20   TOGs Population Tracker (v2.5)
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    I made this plugin for my gungame server, however I've added in a lot of features to make it useful for a lot of different game types. I originally had this plugin to log which maps kill server population, but over time have added a lot more features to it.

    This plugin logs player populations, connects/disconnects, player info, available spawns, wins, and total rounds for each map.


    Sample Logs:


    Simply place the .smx in your cstrike/addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder, and create a folder for the logs as cstrike/addons/sourcemod/logs/populationtrackerv2/.

    Alternately, I have provided a simple .zip file with the appropriate files/folders to allow a simple drag/drop into your cstrike/addons/sourcemod/ folder. If you choose to edit this plugin, you will need sdktools and autoexecconfig to compile it. Autoexecconfig is provided in the .zip.

    • Some of the original coding came from TwistedPanda's Crash Helper, so credit to him for that. I have removed most of the features from his, and added a lot of my own, but it still retains some of the coding structure from his.
    • Zacade (Sgt. Zuff) for help with some of the coding (timer handles, and a couple other questions I had)
    • Powerlord for also answering a bit of questions about timer handles here, before I talked with zacade
    • Rothgar for the use of his coding to delete old logs in his AFK Manager plugin.
    • Bacardi and 11530 for answering my questions here

    To Do
    • nothing currently
    Servers using this plugin
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