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Solved [CSGO] Turning Thrown Grenades Into Footballs

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Old 10-12-2020 , 19:32   [CSGO] Turning Thrown Grenades Into Footballs
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I am creating a CSGO plugin and attempting to turn grenades into a ball; have the ability to be caught and picked up on the ground by all players. I already have some of the projectile logic working but can't seem to allow players the ability to touch the ball at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction? So far I have the following:

PHP Code:
public void OnEntityCreated(int entity, const char[] classname)
StrContains(classname"_projectile") != -1SDKHook(entitySDKHook_SpawnPostGrenade_SpawnPost);
StrContains(classname"_projectile") != -1SDKHook(entitySDKHook_StartTouch, Catch);    

void Grenade_SpawnPost(int entity)
int client GetEntPropEnt(entityProp_Send"m_hOwnerEntity"); 
    if (
client == -1)return; // if the client's index is -1, stop
int iReference EntIndexToEntRef(entity); 

Action Timer_OnGrenadeCreated(Handle timerany ref)
int entity EntRefToEntIndex(ref);
SetEntProp(entityProp_Data"m_nNextThinkTick", -1); // block grenade explosion

void Catch (int clientint entity)
    if (!
PrintToChatAll("the football has hit something");    

At current, when a player throws a grenade/ball off the wall the player cannot catch the grenade; the grenade goes through the player's body. Do I need to set an ent's property or is one of my functions interfering in some way?

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