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[L4D2] deploy and build a highly-automated and safe, harmonious dedicated server

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Old 07-28-2021 , 10:31   [L4D2] deploy and build a highly-automated and safe, harmonious dedicated server
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as the host master, you should know L4D2 is amlost the best game without savedata or
character level(etc...), but there is still someone try to destroy other people's game experience.
Would you want to deploy and build highly-automated and safe, harmonious server, let everyone plays relaxed, free, happy and harmonious ? You must do something for this.

sm_cvar partial

sm_cvar sv_allowupload "0" //important to disable painting(spray)
sm_cvar sv_consistency "1" //enable model check..but something else is important.
sm_cvar sv_voiceenable "0" //disable voice chat, no one can ridicule or abuse others.
sm_cvar director_afk_timeout "8" //make quicker when player is not control and get automatic afk.
sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_easy "0"
sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_normal "0"
sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_hard "0"
sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_expert "0"
sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_easy "0"
sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_normal "0"
sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_hard "0"
sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_expert "0"
//above, survivor can no hurt each ohter.
sm_cvar sb_all_bot_game "1"
sm_cvar sb_allow_leading "1"
sm_cvar allow_all_bot_survivor_team "1"
//above, important for highly-autumated
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_change_difficulty_allowed "0"
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_change_map_later_allowed "0"
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_change_map_now_allowed "0"
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_change_mission_allowed "1"
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed "1"
sm_cvar sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed "0"
//above, no one can vote to change difficult or restart mission maliciously.

plugin partial

[L4D2] Improved and Perfected SurvivorAI Autotrigger
//make bot survivors better trigger.

[L4D2] ScavengeBotsDS
//make bot survivors can handle gascan.

[L4D1 & L4D2] Gascan Invulnerable [v1.0.7 | 11-April-2021]
//deny survivors destroy gascan for end rescue level or scavenger mode, no one can make trouble there.

[L4D & L4D2] Spray Block [v1.0a (06-May-2021)]
//disable spray.

[L4D2] suicide blocker
//block suicide jump.

[L4D2] Survivor Hurt Teammate to Provide Bonus Buff v2.1]
//if someone still try to hurt teammate for fun, use this to let them be useful for team!

disable custum addons
open "addonconfig.cfg" at /Left 4 Dead 2/left4dead2/cfg,
make sure it below looks lie:

"default" "1"
"versus" "1"
"scavenge" "1"
"mutation15" "1" // versus survival

//1 means disable custum addons at the gamemode.

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