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Problem with SourceBans

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Old 04-16-2011 , 20:43   Problem with SourceBans
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I added a server but say "Querying Data Server"
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Old 04-16-2011 , 20:53   Re: Problem with SourceBans
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Did you add the folder and file to your addons/sourcemod/cfg folder?
and specifically edit the sourcebans.cfg ?
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Old 04-17-2011 , 08:26   Re: Problem with SourceBans
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Yes, I have this config:


* sourcebans.cfg
* This file contains settings for the SourceBans Source Server Plugin
* @author SteamFriends Development Team
* @version 0.0.0.$Rev: 74 $
* @copyright SteamFriends (www.steamfriends.com)
* @package SourceBans

        // Website address to tell where the player to go for unban, etc
        "Website"            "http://www.clan-assassins.tk/"

        // Allow or disallow admins access to addban command
        "Addban"            "1"

        // Allow or disallow admins access to unban command
        "Unban"                "1"
        // The Tableprefix you set while installing the webpanel. (default: "sb")
        "DatabasePrefix"    "sb"

        // How many seconds to wait before retrying when a players ban fails to be checked. Min = 15.0 Max = 60.0
        "RetryTime"            "45.0"
        // How often should we process the failed ban queue in minutes
        "ProcessQueueTime"    "5"

        // Should the plugin automaticaly add the server to sourcebans 
        // (servers without -ip being set on startup need this set to 0)
        "AutoAddServer"        "0"

        // Enable backing up config files after getting admins from database (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
        "BackupConfigs"    "1"

        // Enable admin part of the plugin (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
        "EnableAdmins"    "1"
        // Require the admin to login once into website
        "RequireSiteLogin"    "0"

        // This is the ID of this server (Check in the admin panel -> servers to find the ID of this server)
        "ServerID"        "-1"

     * Generic menu options for if a reason isn't supplied in a ban
     * Without a supplied reason the ban will never be written to the database
        "Hacking"    "Hacking"
        "Exploit"    "General Exploit of Game/Map/Server"
        "TK"    "Team Killing"
        "TF"    "Team Flashing"    
        "CommSpam"    "Spamming Mic/Chat"
        "BadSpray"    "Inappropriate Spray"
        "BadLang"    "Inappropriate Language"
        "BadName"    "Inappropriate Name"
        "IgnoreAdmin"    "Ignoring Admins"
        "Stacking"    "Team Stacking"
        "Own Reason"    "Own Reason"
     * Submenu options for when "Hacking" is selected
     * If "Hacking" is removed from the menu above this will not be accessable
        "Aimbot"    "Aimbot"
        "Antirecoil"    "Anti Recoil"
        "Wallhack"    "Wallhack"
        "Spinhack"    "Spinhack"
        "Speedhack"    "Speedhack"
        "Multi-Hack"    "Multi-Hack"
        "No Smoke"    "No Smoke"
        "No Flash"    "No Flash"


"driver_default" "mysql"

"driver" "mysql"
"host" "sql103.byethost5.com"
"database" "b5_5998951_SourceBans"
"user" "b5_5998951"
"pass" ""
//"timeout" "0"
"port" "3306"

"driver" "sqlite"
"database" "sourcemod-local"

"driver" "sqlite"
"host" "localhost"
"database" "clientprefs-sqlite"
"user" "root"
"pass" ""
//"timeout" "0"
//"port" "0"
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Old 04-17-2011 , 10:21   Re: Problem with SourceBans
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I don't think byethost5 will offer free dedicated MySQL server...
That's my guess.
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