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I need help PLS

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Old 09-04-2021 , 17:41   I need help PLS
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soo uhh, i need help i've been trying to make Admin menu its was easy at first, but then the problem came
I don't know how to give write myself in amxx studio
i have weapon menu i've been trying to see what i need to type when i want to choose weapon

here code : p.s - I joined today don't be anrgy

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmics>
#include <fun>
#include <cstrike>

#define PLUGIN "Admin Menu"
#define Version "1.0"
#define AUTHOR "DEKI"

new money
new Admin menu
new cost = 0
new cost = 0
new cost = 0

public plugin_init () {
register_plugin ("Admin Menu", "1.0", "DEKI");

register_clcmd ("say adminmenu",Admin_menu");
register_cvar ("amx_Adminmenu", "1");
register_event ("HLTV", "event_round_start", "a", "1=0","2=0");
public Admin_Menu (id) {
ADMINMENU = get_cvar_num ("amx_Adminmenu");
if (Adminmenu = 1) {

new menu = menu_create ("Admin Menu", "menu_admin");

menu_additem (menu, "m4a1" - 0$", "1" ADMIN_ADMIN);
menu_additem (menu, "ak47 - 0$", "1" ADMIN_ADMIN);
menu_additem (menu, "deagle - 0$" "1" ADMIN_ADMIN);

menu_setprop (menu, MPROP_EXIT, MEXIT_ALL);

menu_display (id, menu, 0)

public menu_admin (id, menu, item)

if (item ==MENU_EXIT)
menu_destroy (menu)

new data [6], iname [64]
new acess, callback

menu_item_getinfo (menu, item, acess, data, 5, iname, 63, callback)

new key = str_to_num (data)

switch (key)
case 1: {
money = cs_get_user_money (id);
m4a1 = get_user_cs (id);

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