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Reading from Sockets

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Old 06-10-2008 , 12:47   Reading from Sockets
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i'm trying to write a plugin which checks the steam id of each player
while connecting. so on putinserver() a request to a webserver
will be send, which seems to work fine. but i'm not able to read
the response from the server with the public read_web() methode.

the "if (socket_change(g_sckweb, 100))" event seems to be never true.

can someone please have a look into it?

#include <amxmodx>
#include <sockets>
new g_sckweb //socket "id"
#define SCRIPT_NAME "/parser.php"
#define REMOTE_HOST "" //port d.80
public plugin_init()
    register_plugin("Registration Manager", "1.0" ,"Endeffects")
public client_putinserver(id) 
public connect_web(id)
    new error = 0
    new constring[512]
    g_sckweb = socket_open(REMOTE_HOST, 80, SOCKET_TCP, error)
    if (g_sckweb > 0)
 new steamID[32];
        get_user_authid(id, steamID, 31);
        format(constring,511,"GET %s?%s HTTP/1.1^nHost: %s^nUser-Agent: GameServer^nAccept: */*^nConnection: close^n^n",SCRIPT_NAME,steamID,REMOTE_HOST)
     switch (error)
         case 1: { client_print(0,print_chat,"Error creating socket"); }
         case 2: { client_print(0,print_chat,"Error resolving remote hostname"); }
         case 3: { client_print(0,print_chat,"Error connecting socket"); }
public read_web()
    const SIZE = 63
    new line_variable[SIZE + 1], line_value[SIZE + 1]
    if (socket_change(g_sckweb, 100))
     new buf[512], lines[30][100], count = 0
     socket_recv(g_sckweb, buf, 511)
     count = ExplodeString(lines, 50, 119, buf, 13)
     for(new i=0;i<count;i++)
         parse(lines[i], line_variable, SIZE, line_value, SIZE)
         if (equal(line_variable, "some_value"))
              client_print(0,print_chat,"Value is %s", line_value)
     if (g_sckweb != 0)
         set_task(0.5, "read_web")
public write_web(text[512])
    socket_send(g_sckweb, text, 511)
public disconnect_web()
    client_print(0,print_chat,"Socket disconnected")
stock ExplodeString( p_szOutput[][], p_nMax, p_nSize, p_szInput[], p_szDelimiter ) { // Function by xeroblood
    new nIdx = 0, l = strlen(p_szInput)
    new nLen = (1 + copyc( p_szOutput[nIdx], p_nSize, p_szInput, p_szDelimiter ))
    while( (nLen < l) && (++nIdx < p_nMax) )
        nLen += (1 + copyc( p_szOutput[nIdx], p_nSize, p_szInput[nLen], p_szDelimiter ))
    return nIdx
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Old 06-10-2008 , 14:01   Re: Reading from Sockets
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try calling function read_web() with a task, maybe 1 sec

2nd: using client_authorized instead of client_putinserver makes sure the client has a steamid
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