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[TUT] Get 4 servers for the price of one! +Web&Voice

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Old 02-14-2009 , 15:32   [TUT] Get 4 servers for the price of one! +Web&Voice
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The folloing tutorial will assume you have a VPS, a domain, and you're not a tard.
Setting up inexpensive gameservers that work:

Here is a tutorial on how to setup about 4 TF2, DoD, L4D, Gmod, etc. servers for about the price of one at gameservers.com

Step 1: Find a VPS hoster, there are tons out there but for their quality I highly recommend VPSLand.com I'd say get the Windows EZ Starter package for about $25 bucks a month. They even offer 50% off the first month! Make sure the VPS you order has remote desktop.

Step 2. When your order is done, go to the online control panel your VPs provides and add a domain. You don't need to do this but its recommended to add your clan's domain or whatever. Then login to remote desktop and install SrcDS like you would on your PC. Here's a tutorial on how to do that. I installed it to C:\HLserver, for the sake of this tutorial you might want to do the same.

Step 3. Start your server as a test and open Steam on your PC. Add your IP to your favs and you should see your server alive! If you don't, you might need to forward some ports. All VPS providers allow you to do this, you might have to email support to look around in your control panel. With VPSLand I don't need to do this.

Step 4. Assuming Step 3 went ok, install (via HLDSupdatetool) all the other games or mods you would like to run. In my case, I wanted L4d, TF2, and Gmod. So I ran HLDSupdate with these commands:
C:\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game left4dead -dir C:\HLServer
C:\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir C:\HLServer
C:\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game garrysmod -dir C:\HLServer
Note how all the dir's are the same. This is so we can save some hard disk space by mixing the installs.

Step 5: Now that the servers are installed, you need to run them. You can do this a few ways. You can start and monitor the servers with .bat files, but this can get messy on large servers. I am going to show you a program called ServerChecker. It is a simple GUI that monitors all your servers for crashes and reboots them when needed. Download. After install, set it up. I've included a screen shot below that might help a bit. Note that all servers running on the same box must have a different port number.
As you can see, I also have a Ventrillo and Web server active, I'll show to how to do that later.

6. To run ServerChecker on boot, simply drag the shortcut to the 'Startup' folder in the start menu. Bamshazam, you have 4 servers with root access without paying $100+ for it!

--- Extras ---

Setting up FTP for easy file switching:
If you want a fast, easy way to change, download, edit, replace files on your server, whats better then FTP?
1. Download a program called FireZilla. Its a free, dead easy FTP server for your server. Download. You can also download their client here.

2. After install, start the program GUI mode and login with the IP as localhost. Make up a user and pass.

3. Then go to Edit>Users and click Add on the right. Make yourself a username and password. Click Shared Folders on the left and select C:\ as your home drive. And check all the privileges.

4. Minimize FireZilla and on your computer you should be able to login to it with your server IP or domain with your user and pass.

Running a webserver:

Now that you have a working VPS going, you can start to host stuff off it also! Since webservers take so little CPU to operate, it won't bug your servers too much, and it will be lighting fast to anybody who visits your site.

1. Download WAMP, a free Windows webhosting program that supports PHP, MySQL, and Apache out of the box. Download.

2. Set WAMP to start on boot by dragging the Wamp shortcut to the startup folder in your Start menu.

3. Upload whatever you want on your site to the C:\wmap\www folder and make sure to rename/delete the index.php that's already there. Start Wamp if its not already started. You can tell by the little meter looking thing in your tray.
Click this icon and click Put Online in the menu. The tray icon should change to red, then yellow, then be solid white. You should now be able to see your site from the VPS IP or your domain.

4. If you want to, you can add Wamp to the ServerChecker.

Setting up a Ventrillo server:
If you're going to have any kind of good kickass clan, you're going to need a voice server. You can even add it to the server checker!

1. Download Veltrillo server from the official Ventrillo website.

3. Add to ServerChecker.

I expect questions, post them here!

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Old 02-14-2009 , 15:33   Re: [TUT] Get 4 servers for the price of one! +Web&Voice
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Doesnt a VPS share bandwidth and processes with other clients?
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Old 02-14-2009 , 15:45   Re: [TUT] Get 4 servers for the price of one! +Web&Voice
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Originally Posted by CrimsonGT View Post
Doesnt a VPS share bandwidth and processes with other clients?
Yes, that's correct, I'd recommend to get a REAL dedicated server instead
if you're planning to run 4 gameservers.

I can't imagine that any VPS Hoster will seriously allow that at all,
at least here in Germany most of them disallow gameserver installations
on Virtual Servers furthermore you'll steal ressources of other users
on the same machine which will most likely get you booted sooner or later

Posting links to cracked software and advertising will most likely get you booted off the forums as well....bye bye

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Old 02-14-2009 , 15:58   Re: [TUT] Get 4 servers for the price of one! +Web&Voice
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Yeah you're right, I'll remove that link..

I actually asked about getting booted off their system and they didnt really care at all. Not to mention that the bandwidth that other people use are extremely low so its not a big deal. Pings are a bit higher then I would like but the sheer value of 4 servers + web + voice for under 1 tf2 server is awesome.

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