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Auto Heal On Damage & Spawn Health & FallDamage

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   ALL        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   Exolent[jNr] (178)
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Old 10-20-2008 , 16:47   Auto Heal On Damage & Spawn Health & FallDamage
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Auto Heal On Damage & Spawn Health & FallDamage Modifier

.: Description :.

This plugin make an autohealer, aka when you take damage you recover HPs with ability to set how many HPs you get per second.
The other feature of this plugin is to set the starting health (default is 100HP on cs).

.: Commands :.

  • amx_make_autohealer <HpAmount> [Optional: Period]
    Create an autohealer and/or set the amount of HPs you can gain per second.
    If you set a period, you don't let then engine think by itself, so it uses a bit more resources.
  • amx_remove_autohealer
    Remove the autohealer.
  • amx_spawn_health <HealthAmount>
    Set the starting health (0 to deactivate)
  • amx_fall_damage <Damage Factor>
    Set the fall damage factor (0.0 to deactivate)

.: Modules/Requirements :.

It shouldn't be mod specific, let me know if you have any problem with a mod.

.: Changelog :.

v0.1.5 (21aug2012)
added checks to prevent error reported on there

v0.1.4 (15feb2010)
added fall damage modifier/disabled

v0.1.3 (21jun2009)
fixed code wasn't working on playerid 32
fixed cmds weren't working from amxx.cfg or other cfg files
optimized code

v0.1.2 (27oct2008)
added a check to prevent "Invalid HamHook handle" error

v0.1.1 (10oct2008)
replaced global_get with get_gametime

added ability to change healing period

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