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Is There A Way To Randomize Workshop Collections For Voting? [CS:GO]

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Old 03-13-2019 , 14:26   Is There A Way To Randomize Workshop Collections For Voting? [CS:GO]
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I currently have a dedicated CS:GO server running the latest Source + Metamods, and only minimal plugins. I've been experiencing some frustrating issues dealing map voting, the map menus, and map groups. My server is set to run 32 Workshop maps, and I already have the collection entered and running on my server. However, when it comes time for the end of round voting, the maps you choose from are generally the first ten that are on the collection list. Is there a way to randomize this list? Furthermore, does the standard MapChooser just NOT work with Workshop collections?; I cannot get any other kind of end-of-round map voting to work properly.

Also, when a user uses the client "change map" voting system, unfortunately onlt the first so many maps are displayed vertically. Is there a way to scroll through this list or the ability to display all of the maps (through a submenu or something)?

Not sure which file's code I should post here to facilitate troubleshooting. I already have my Steam API key, and the maps are working as normal on my server.

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