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AMX Mod X 1.55 and Metamod 1.18 Released

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Old 08-25-2005 , 13:50   AMX Mod X 1.55 and Metamod 1.18 Released
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AMX Mod X 1.55 Released

Originally Posted by [url=http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=17061
BAILOPAN[/url]]I'm pleased to announce that AMX Mod X 1.55 has been released. This is, for the most part, a bug-fix release that pulls 1.50 out of beta.

The major changes: AMX Mod X is now optimized better on Linux. The binaries should be significantly smaller and more efficient. AMX Mod X's editor has been upgraded to AMXX Studio.

You can get the binaries from the downloads page or the SourceForge project page. A full changelog is at the bottom of this post.

As this is considered a stable release, the new Pawn 3.0 compiler will replace the Web Compiler's Small 2.7.3 compiler on Monday, August 29th, at 10AM EST. When the new compiler goes live, very few plugins should break, but authors should make sure their plugins compile just to be sure. Moderators will be unapproving plugins that aren't updated and don't compile.

    - Changed the JIT to prevent possible crashing on pingboost/threading situations on linux (reported by hullu). 
    - Compiled with gcc-3.4 instead of 2.95 - binaries should be smaller and faster (thanks hullu). AMX Mod X and the S/MDK will no longer compile on gcc-2.95 
    - Added human readable error messages to many core natives. 
    - Added Czech language translation (thanks Fatty). 
    - Replaced AMXX Edit with newer AMXX Studio. 
    - Replaced ESF module with new ESF plugin from Corona-Bytes. 
    - Fixed bug where set_task would run one extra time on "repeat" mode. 
    - Fixed bug where plugins could not be unpaused. 
    - Fixed bug where bots could not deal damage with Fun module. 
    - Fixed linux compiler crashing on load. 
    - Fixed crash bug in register_native. 
    - Fixed alloc/dealloc mismatches in register_native. 
    - Fixed three newmenu functions not being implemented (patched by Freecode). 
    - Fixed a bug where CS team switching did not work with plmenu (Steam update consequence). 
    - Fixed callfunc_push_str copying zero characters (reported by Lord of Destruction, Twilight Suzuka). 
    - Fixed documentation errors about MF_AmxExec* (Twilight Suzuka).
Thanks for your support. As always, if you have any problems, post in Support. If you've found a bug, read the bug reports to see if your problem has been found or solved. If not, file a new bug report by posting.

Also note that AMX Mod X now has a C# release program (located in CVS, installer/AMXXRelease). This is a public release of the program I use to build everything in CVS and package it up for release.
Metamod 1.18 Released

Originally Posted by [url=http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=16999
BAILOPAN[/url]]Florian and I have released Metamod-1.18. At the same time, Jussi Kivilinna (hullu/ghost_of_evilspy) has released Metamod-1.18p25. A new AMX Mod X release will follow later today.

Click here for Metamod 1.18 binaries.

Click here for Metamod 1.18-p25 binaries.

Changelog for Official Metamod is below. The official site [ http://www.metamod.org/ ] will be updated shortly (this is a pre-emptive post).

 - Added new API for loading/unloading plugins. 
 - Added IS_QUERYING_CLIENT_cVAR for new client cvar engine API. 
 - Added support for new HLSDK-API functions QueryClientCvarValue() 
   and ClientCvar().  
 - Changed cmd_doplug() to make sure a complete string was not 
   misinterpreted as a number.  
 - Fixed DLCLOSE() to not accept NULL handles. 
 - Fixed a bug where API call wrappers were not saving global states. 
   (This caused problems mainly with bot plugins.) 
 - Fixed reloading failed plugins with "meta reload". 
 - Bumped internal API version to 5:12 (old plugins might ask to be updated). 
 - Commands "meta version" and "meta info" show ifvers for metamod/plugins. 
 - Added mod recognition for Digital Paintball 2.2. 
 - Added mod recognition for Firearms 3.0.
What is Metamod-p? Metamod-p is a highly optimized and dynamic version of Metamod. It is supported by Jussi Kivilinna, and you can visit his site here: http://koti.mbnet.fi/axh
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