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[L4D2] Easiest way to get-up after pin

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Old 09-25-2023 , 15:11   [L4D2] Easiest way to get-up after pin
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Requires Left4Dhooks, but even if you can't use it for whatever reason, find snippets for VScript.

    char TempFormat[128];
    FormatEx(TempFormat, sizeof(TempFormat), "GetPlayerFromUserID(%i).SetModel(GetPlayerFromUserID(%i).GetModelName())", GetClientUserId(victim), GetClientUserId(victim));
victim is the player in question.

Getting up means getting up from whatever animation player is in, with the sole exception of tank rock hit.

This includes:

Getting up from hunter
Getting up from charger post-charge.
Getting up from charger after impact
Getting up from Tank after Punch.
Getting up from Bitch Slap, as exists in some plugins.

Please verify you're doing it on a non-incapped player.

This also frees a Special Infected from stagger, so if Left4Dhooks didn't have unpin method, you could stagger into this function.
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