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L4D a legendary weapon in the game

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Old 02-28-2024 , 07:43   L4D a legendary weapon in the game
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L4D a legendary weapon in the game

I want to suggest the idea of adding legendary versions of weapons to the game (as in fallout 76)
When killing SI, a weapon will drop out, it should somehow stand out compared to other dropped weapons from an infected one, I suggest doing this as in GTA VC, then the player picks up this weapon and sees a message in the chat about which legendary properties were given to this weapon (legendary properties will be randomly selected).
I suggest making 3 legendary properties on one weapon (as done in falaut 76). In this case, a weapon can fall out with either one legendary property or three.
This is the basis of my idea.

I suggest making such legendary properties:
Anti-Armor- increased damage
Explosive - always shoots Explosives bulets (for example)
Freezing - briefly freezes infected on the spot
Deafening - stuns the infected
Rocket - when fired, it releases a missile that has explosive damage to the area
Repulsive - pushes the infected back
Vampiric - with each hit, the player restores his health a little
The healer - restores the health of the surrounding players with each hit (the one who shoots does not get revived)
Protective - the player has reduced incoming damage
Steady is a property that is able to lift a player who is in an encap
Quad - increased ammunition in the weapon
Bloody - the less health the player has, the more damage
Tank - increased damage to tanks
A special property 1 is (I've come up with it now) a property that sometimes causes air support, for example planes that fly by and fire missiles at zombies and SI

Do not pay attention to the description, these are just my tentative sketches of what can be realized in the form of legendary weapon properties.
These properties can replace perks on the server and the main difference from perks here is that they can be owned by anyone, even a new player on the server.

It is advisable to make the chance of three legendary properties falling on a weapon much less often in order to give the weapon maximum rarity and uniqueness on the map, as well as many properties and their combinations can be very strong, they can make a small imbalance on the server, so it is worth considering, nevertheless, this will add additional dynamic in complexity.

I have sometimes met similar mods on servers, as well as seen plugins on this topic, for example https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1040597
Perhaps there is already a similar plugin that I do not know about, let me know if there is one.

I'll keep this idea here, and later I'll try to write it, but for now I'm working on a new SI spawn algorithm, so if anyone wants, you can try to write your own plugin based on this idea, I'll be only glad.

I also suggest you familiarize yourself with my previous ideas:

Thank you, I will be glad to see your suggestions!
I apologize for my translation

PHP Code:
public OnClientConnect(int Client) {

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