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CSGO Server Slots help?

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Old 01-25-2022 , 08:38   CSGO Server Slots help?
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Hello can someone help me,i cant change slots to 32 i have only 1 slot on server in console say here:

Maxplayers is deprecated, set it in gamemodes_server.txt.example or use -maxplayers_override instead.

I chnage in gamemodes_server.txt.expamle but still 1 slot and i try to put in server startup -maxplayers_override but still 1 slot.And i try to chnage in gamemodes.txt but still 1 slot.

Can i miss to change slots in other file?

./srcds_run -game csgo -console -usercon +net_public_adr [ip] -port 1066 +ip +map de_dust2 -strictportbind -norestart +sv_setsteamaccount [token]

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Old 01-25-2022 , 18:25   Re: CSGO Server Slots help?
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Just starters if you are using a file called "gamemodes_server.txt.expamle" that is the wrong format. Game modes are .cfg format.
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Old 01-25-2022 , 23:22   Re: CSGO Server Slots help?
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In CS:GO, in startup parameters, -maxplayers is no longer in use.

When using dynamic max. players value:
- By default, cs:go game change dynamically max. player count on different game modes.
You can look yourself from gamemodes.txt file.
casual = 20
competitive = 10
scrimcomp2v2 = 4
scrimcomp5v5 = 10
gungameprogressive = 10
gungametrbomb = 10
deathmatch = 16
training = 1
custom = 100
cooperative = 20
coopmission = 10
skirmish = 12
survival = 16
To override these default Valve game mode settings, you use override file, if you need change.
					"maxplayers"		"30"
					"maxplayers"		"20"
When using static max. player value:
- Using server startup parameter -maxplayers_override you can force max. player count, what ever the game mode settings is, it always to be that static max. player count.
./srcds_run -console -usercon -game csgo -maxplayers_override 32 +map de_dust2

Still problems ?
- Are you using another server host ? Perhaps server provider have set max. player count and you can't change that. Ask from them.

- Do map have enough spawn points ?
And sometimes, maps have bad spawn points, too close each other. This can be seen by loading map in your own game, not server, and use: sv_cheats 1; map_showspawnpoints

- Have you change SourceMod plugin "reserved slots" settings ? Adding more reserved slots will change sv_visiblemaxplayers cvar value and will show your server slot count differently.
sv_visiblemaxplayers -1 is default.

from status you can check current maxplayers.
] status
hostname: 'Bacardi
version : 1408/8460 insecure  [A:1:3832137738:19441] 
udp/ip  :
os      :  Windows
type    :  listen
map     : de_dust2 at: 384 x, 2504 y, -55 z
connected to loopback
players : 1 humans, 9 bots (20/0 max) (not hibernating)
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