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O.S.K - One Shot Kill (Whole new deathmatch style!)

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Old 08-15-2013 , 09:44   O.S.K - One Shot Kill (Whole new deathmatch style!)
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--== One Shot Kill ==--

OSK adds a whole new deathmatch style to Counter Strike!
This plugin is very light, and doesn't use up a lot of resources.


osk_shellAmount - a number that represents the glow percentage that covers the user model
osk_customModels - 0|1 (enables cutom models: 0 - off; 1 - on; deafault 1)
osk_glow - 0|1 (enables glow effect: 0 - off; 1 - on; deafault 1)
osk_scoreTrack - 0|1 (enables score tracking: 0 - off; 1 - on; deafault 1)
osk_KOMessage - 0|1 (enables  K.O. Message: 0 - off; 1 - on; deafault 1)
osk_customCH - 0|1 (enables cutom crosshair: 0 - off; 1 - on; deafault 1)

#include <amxmodx>
#include <fakemeta>
#include <fakemeta_util>
#include <hamsandwich>
#include <cstrike>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <fun>

#include <dhudmessage>
#include <screenfade_util>
#include <osk>

+new models (Halo)
+new death sprites
+new screen fade on death (using screenfade_util.inc)
+new user classes (/class)
+new osk menu (/osk)

>T's - rust model + orange glow (if enabled)
>CT's - green model + green glow (if enabled)

Teal models if CT (+ teal glow if enabled)
Yellow models if T (+ yellow glow if enabled)

The plugin offers new menus, respawining, (custom items coming soon), the old 1 hp mode (coming back soon), different style modes (new modes soming soon). Have fun with your friends, in some colors and sounds!

*NOTE* Plugin is still in beta(dev) and some features are not available yet!

The difference between other plugins is that OSK is Lite, it adds customization, and it's easy to use! (support for third party classes comming soon!)

It also includes an integrated plugin (that I made) for custom crosshairs (still in dev)!


Jumper - [Low Gravity, UMP45, P228]
Striker - [Equipped with an M4A1, the default class, a little more health than usual, some armor and fun time taking heads off!]
Lite - [Low gravity, MP5 Navy, Jump around end mow with low recoil!]
Pro - [Bit hard to jump, Blood dripping, not very fast, but silent, equipped with M4A1 and a deagle, full set of grenades, ready to fight..]
Health - [All healthy and jumpy, but lost all his weapons, only has a glock... and a bunch of ammo!]

Admin - [Be the boss, M4A1, AK47, AWP, Deagle, puffs, smokes, and BANGS!]

VIP - Still working..


Extract HaloCT and HaloT in "cstrike/models/player" folder.
Extract Sprites in "cstrike/sprites" folder

Plugin uses custom inc files. If you want to modify it, you have to compile it locally.

osk.amxx --> "addons/amxmodx/plugins" folder
osk.sma --> "addons/amxmodx/scripting" folder
osk.inc --> "addons/amxmodx/scripting/include" folder
screenfade_util.inc --> "addons/amxmodx/scripting/include" folder


`SyntaxBG~ - Idea and scripting
`infamouzz~ - testing
`blazerch0~ - testing and helping


AMX Studio
Counter Strike 1.6
HLDS (6027)


-beta 1.6 : First release!
Attached Files
File Type: zip HaloCT.zip (3.85 MB, 80 views)
File Type: zip HaloT.zip (2.67 MB, 79 views)
File Type: inc osk.inc (1.5 KB, 56 views)
File Type: inc screenfade_util.inc (2.2 KB, 68 views)
File Type: inc dhudmessage.inc (3.4 KB, 52 views)
File Type: zip Sprites.zip (16.2 KB, 63 views)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (osk.sma - 213 views - 13.4 KB)

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Old 08-15-2013 , 09:50   Re: O.S.K - One Shot Kill (Whole new deathmatch style!)
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#include <dhudmessage>

link the includes to the thread

also.. tell us what is different for the guys in the forum to have a great look at it.
Tell us what is the difference between this and the original CSDM besides adding some models, colors..
Also, I'v seen a deathmatch with /classes... so you need to tell us what makes this plugin more amazing than the others.

Other plugins has nothing to download *resources*, so people will go with the less resources plugin.

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Old 08-16-2013 , 08:42   Re: O.S.K - One Shot Kill (Whole new deathmatch style!)
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Old 08-20-2013, 08:36
This message has been deleted by ConnorMcLeod. Reason: troll, or posting random confusing code, or posting for posts count
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Old 08-21-2013 , 03:09   Re: O.S.K - One Shot Kill (Whole new deathmatch style!)
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You should use a SyncObj instead of making a new Hud message each second, also DHUD is much slower than normal HUD.

PHP Code:

public handle_registerClas(healtharmorwep[])

Why is this empty?
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