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[Hidden:Source] Beta 5 Physics

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The Hidden: Source
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    Brings the Beta 5 physics attack model to Beta 4b by limiting the high-end instant kills.
    Old 10-14-2008 , 06:52   [Hidden:Source] Beta 5 Physics
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    Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b

     * Hidden:SourceMod - Beta 5 Physics
     * Description:
     *  Moderates high damage physics hits in Hidden:Source.
     *  100 & 500 damage physics hits are reduced to 75.
     *  If the victim's health was less than 75 then they receive full damage allowing for gib-hits.
     *  DO NOT USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH Hidden:SourceMod - Red-Aura Physics plugin
     * Associated Cvars:
     *  hsm_b5physics_shaker [0/1/2/3] : Impact shaker mode. 0: Off, 1: Target only, 2: Everyone scaled to range, 3: On for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE in the universer! Default 2.
     *  hsm_b5physics_range [range]    : Impact shaker range scaler if hsm_b5phys_shaker is 2. Default: 2000
     * Changelog:
     *  v1.1.0
     *   Added optional screen shake on high damage hits.
     *  v1.0.2
     *   Added bounce detection to curb rebounding damage causing instant kills
     *  v1.0.1
     *   Altered the way the damage is handled due to bug from log fix
     *  v1.0.0
     *   Initial Release
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (hsm_b5phys.sp - 1524 views - 5.4 KB)
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