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[L4D/L4D2]Config Survivors

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General Purpose
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Left 4 Dead
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    allows to execute custom configs for each number of survivors in game
    Old 06-08-2019 , 14:01   [L4D/L4D2]Config Survivors
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    The idea of this plugin is arisen when wanting to establish a dynamic and balanced configuration, depending on the number of players survivor in a Coop Server.
    For this, this plugin allows you to create and execute the ".cfg" files for each number of survivors.

    PHP Code:
    // 0:Disable, 1:Enable Plugin
    // Default: "1"
    config_survivors_enable "1"

    // 0: Disable check mode, 1: Ignore check idle survivors, 2: Ignore check survivors bot, 4: Check only alive survivors, 7: Select all check modes
    // Default: "0"
    config_survivors_check_mode "0"

    // -1: Create the files when survivors are checked, 0: No create files automatically, N > 0: Set N files for create automatically
    // Default: "-1"
    config_survivors_create "-1"

    // Set folder name for save configs files
    // Default: "config_survivors"
    config_survivors_folder "config_survivors"

    // Set name prefix config files
    // Default: "config_"
    config_survivors_prefix "config_"

    // Set name sufix config files
    // Default: "_survivors"
    config_survivors_sufix "_survivors" 

    pd: sorry for me english :/
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    Old 06-08-2019 , 18:08   Re: [L4D/L4D2]Config Survivors
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    Thanks for this plugins, i need it
    Personally, I recommend using this plugin:
    [ANY] ConVar Suppression

    With this plugin, delete any number of ConVars (in chat) that you specify

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