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[TF2] Deathrun Redux 2019

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Team Fortress 2
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    Heavily-modified version of ClassicGuzzi's deathrun plugin!
    Old 06-03-2019 , 17:35   [TF2] Deathrun Redux 2019
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    Deathrun Redux 2019


    Well, have you ever play deathrun before? Yea, that gamemode where some dude must kill runners with deadly traps.
    Now with gunfires, fixed queue and even more!




    Installation instructions and requierments

    deathrun_redux.smx goes on tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins/
    deathrun.cfg goes on tf/addons/sourcemod/data/deathrun/

    Also you still need the tf2items extension, the steamtools extension and the TF2attributes plugin, to use deathrun redux.


    !drmenu - shows the plugin menu
    !drbedeath - shows "Be the Death" menu
    !drnext - shows who's going to be the next death in queue.
    !drplace - shows your place in queue
    !drqueue - shows queue player list

    Special thanks

    ClassicGuzzi for his deathrun plugin!
    Fortress Labs community for pre-release testing.

    Upgraded by Kapusta and Baltica_7
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    File Type: zip deathrun_redux_v0.3.0.zip (50.9 KB, 27 views)

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    Old 06-03-2019 , 22:04   Re: [TF2] Deathrun Redux 2019
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    This was one of my first projects when I started programming, so I'm glad to see that it's still alive.

    I don't have a server right (I don't play TF2 anymore), but I'm sure it's better than mine right now.

    The old queue system was awful lol

    Keep the good work!
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    Old 06-04-2019 , 00:32   Re: [TF2] Deathrun Redux 2019
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    One request I have in the future is having some natives for other plugins. Would be useful for subplugins or plugin compatibility.
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    Old 06-04-2019 , 10:51   Re: [TF2] Deathrun Redux 2019
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    Updated source so SteamTools is optional (Also added support for SteamWorks).

    Attached archive because i've used MultiColors (included into archive as morecolors.inc) instead of MoreColors.
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip deathrun.zip (58.8 KB, 7 views)
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