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FF2 Boss Tip: Preventing Chain Lightning from insta-killing and/or killing players.

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Old 02-10-2022 , 22:17   Boss Tip: Preventing Chain Lightning from insta-killing and/or killing players.
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Hello, all GANGST here and I'm sure we all known of the "Chain Lightning" ability from otokiru, how unstable the damage can be, and that it can be a super strong one shotting ability if not used correctly. After some experimentation, I may have found a way to prevent it from killing players (Red Team) by utilizing "addcond 70." (rage_tfcondition is required for this) What addcond 70 does is make it to where players, let's say a scout fighting an FF2 Boss, will survive all damage with one HP left. Afterwards, the condition is removed. I've found that using this on top of the chain lightning ability stops it from killing as well as one-shotting players. Here is an example from my current FF2 Boss known as Bonk Girl:

		"name" "rage_tfcondition" 	
		"arg0"	"11" //0 or rage, -1 for lifeloss
		"arg1" "46 ; 3" // Boss Conditions (TFCond ; Duration)
		"arg2"	"70 ; 3" // Player Conditions (TFCond ; Duration)
		"arg3"	"9999" // Distance
		"plugin_name"    "ff2_tfcond"
Notice how I have addcond 70 for player conditions, A.K.A the red team. Using this should stop the chain lightning from killing. Speaking of which.

		"name" "chainlightning_config" 
		"arg0"	"11" 	//0 or rage, -1 for lifeloss
		"arg1"	"5"		// ActivationKey     (1 = LeftClick. 2 = RightClick. 3 = ReloadButton. 4 = Special, 5 = Use) 
		"arg2"	"1"		// No. of Skills     (No. of skill to be given per rage) 
		"arg3"	"1000"	// UNKNOWN Distance    (No. of max UNKNOWN distance that either the hale can cast or the lightning can be bounce.)                
		"arg4"  "25" 	// No. of damage that will be dealt on players. Damage is UNSTABLE, if you set 100, it could damage user around 50~150 and sometimes instant-kill. LOL!)
		"arg5"	"1"		// Should skills stack? 1 - yes, 0 - no
		"plugin_name"    "ff2_otokiru_wc3"
        "name"         "chainlightning_activator" 
        "arg0"    "3"    // Do not Change! (Activate when button is pressed.)
        "buttonmode" "2" // Do not Change! (Custom button is being used.)
        "plugin_name"    "ff2_otokiru_wc3"
(Notice, the arg0 being shown is due to me using BatFoxKid's "Special Menu Manager" for my Bonk Girl Hale and is not necessary unless you are using menu abilities.)

This is how I have the chain lightning set up for my Bonk Girl Boss. To ensure that the chain lightning does not kill red team, I have it set to where it is activated on mouse 1 or whenever the boss swings her melee weapon. For the most part, this seems to be working. This should make it where the boss should never go past the length, I have set for addcond 70.

Here is a video showcasing how everything works. Notice how I survive with 1 HP even after being hit by the Chain Lightning. This allowed me to recover HP)

Give it a try with your bosses or if you have any bosses in where the Chain Lightning may be causing one-shotting issues. (Cough Cough Kratos if I'm not mistaken) and let me know if this trick of mine really works or not
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