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Admin Flags

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Admin Commands
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    Modifys admins/flags/immunity/overrides in the admin cache.
    Old 08-05-2011 , 03:22   Admin Flags
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    This plugin allows admins(by default, root) to temporally add or remove admin flags, as well as temporally set admin immunities, and temporally override commands while they are ingame.
    These changes last until map change.

    sm_adminflag_version , Shows the plugin version.
    sm_addflag_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_addflag.
    sm_delflag_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_delflag.
    sm_invalidate_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_invalidate.
    sm_immunity_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_immunity.
    sm_override_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_override.
    sm_unoverride_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_unoverride.
    sm_createadmin_disable <1/0> Disable/Enable(1/0) Enable or disable sm_createadmin.

    sm_addflag <#userid|name> <flag> -Adds an admin flag to an admin .
    sm_delflag <#userid|name> <flag> -Removes an admin flag from an admin.
    sm_listflags -Lists all of the admin flags used in this plugin.
    sm_invalidate <#userid|name> -Invalidates the targets admin id.
    sm_setimmunity <#userid|name> <level> -Sets an admins immunity.
    sm_getimmunity <#userid|name> -Finds the admins immunity.
    sm_override <command> <flag> -Overrides a command to to the specified flag.
    sm_unoverride <command> -Removes a command override.
    sm_createadmin <#userid|name> -Creates an admin in the admin cache.

    All changes made with this plugin are temporary.
    You can use sm_who <Player> to find the admins current access flags.
    sm_reloadadmins also resets all changes made with this plugin.

    Thanks to DarthNinja for help on the things i could not figure out how to do
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    Old 10-21-2013 , 11:23   Re: Admin Flags
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    Sourcebans + sourcemod have a lot of these already... dont see a reason to add admin rights to someone for few hours or so.... You can give admin rights temporary using sourcebans and you have nice web interface there and banlist as well.
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