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Can't use keys or values with a "

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Old 09-13-2016 , 12:11   Can't use keys or values with a "
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Hi guys. I have a problem. They are attacking my servers with this message "Can't use keys or values with a ". Send many messages to the server console. Causes lag and crash servers :/ . It is an exploit , I think .




Sorry for my English u.u

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Old 09-13-2016 , 15:46   Re: Can't use keys or values with a "
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What is the following commands outputs:
If you have access to your game server's console, type the following in the server console:
  1. status
  2. version
  3. meta list
  4. meta version
  5. amxx list
  6. amxx cvars
  7. amxx version

  1. Paste here everything from the *status command *except* the player list.
  2. Paste here the entire result from the *version, *cvarlist, *meta list, *meta game,
    *meta version, *amxx list, *amxx cvars, *amxx modules and *amxx version commands.

  3. Paste here *only* the CVARs that contain "troubleling_plugin.amxx" in the last column
    from the amxx cvars command. They will be grouped together.

If you don't have access the your game's server's console, join your server and type the
following in your game console:
  • status
  • rcon_password "your_rcon_password"
  • rcon version
  • rcon meta list
  • rcon meta version
  • rcon amxx list
  • rcon amxx cvars
  • rcon amxx version

See here how to copy from the Windows Terminal Prompt:
Plugin: Sublime Text Studio , Galileo
Multi-Mod: Manager / Plugin / Server

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Old 09-14-2016 , 01:15   Re: Can't use keys or values with a "
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Originally Posted by Ipolito View Post
Hi men.

PHP Code:

hostname:  #05 MATA AL TRAIDOR TTT - NG [ng.net][by www.solugames.com]
version :  48/ 6153 insecure  (10)
tcp/ip  :
:  cs_crackhouse at0 x0 y0 z
:  19 active (26 max)


Protocol version 48
Exe version
/Stdio (cstrike)
Exe build13:12:29 Aug 29 2013 (6153)

meta list:
Currently loaded plugins:
description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
1AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.8.2    ini   Start ANY  
2dproto_EF        RUN   -    dproto_i386.so    v0.9.548  ini   Start Never
3sXe Injected     RUN   -    sxei_mm_i386.so   v9.8.1.2  ini   ANY   ANY  
4VoiceTranscoder  RUN   -    vtc.so            v80       ini   ANY   ANY  
5CustomizationEx  RUN   -    cef.so            v0.0.2    ini   ANY   ANY  
6CustFlood Fix  RUN   -    cf_fix_mm_i386.s  v1.1      ini   Start Never
7FullupdatePatch  RUN   -    fullupd_patch_mm  v1.2      ini   Start Never
8ImpulseFullUpda  RUN   -    ifuf.so           v1.0      ini   ANY   Never
9Anti Dlfile      RUN   -    antidlfile_i386.  v1.0.0    ini   ANY   ANY  
[10LocalizeBug Fix  RUN   -    localizebugfix_m  v2.3      ini   Start Never
[11Block Sendfile   RUN   -    anti_sendfile_mm  v1.0      ini   ANY   ANY  
[12Semiclip         RUN   -    semiclip_mm_i386  v2.2      ini   ANY   ANY  
[13Fun              RUN   -    fun_amxx_i386.so  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY  
[14CStrike          RUN   -    cstrike_amxx_i38  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY  
[15CSX              RUN   -    csx_amxx_i386.so  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY  
[16MySQL            RUN   -    mysql_amxx_i386.  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY  
[17Engine           RUN   -    engine_amxx_i386  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY  
[18FakeMeta         RUN   -    fakemeta_amxx_i3  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY  
[19MySQL Threads    RUN   -    mysqlt_amxx_i386  v1.2      pl1   ANY   ANY  
[20Ham Sandwich     RUN   -    hamsandwich_amxx  v1.8.2    pl1   ANY   ANY

meta version

Metamod v1.21p37  2013/05/30 (5:13)
by Will Day
 by Jussi Kivilinna
compiledMay 30 201311:41:16 EET (optimized)

amxx list:
Currently loaded plugins:
name                    version     author            file             status   
[  1Nostalgia (SACS)        1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team &&  nostalgia.amxx   running  
[  2Advanced Bans           0.8.1       Exolent           advanced_bans.a  running  
[  3Admin Commands          1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     admincmd.amxx    running  
[  4] [NGComandos extras p  1.0         GiOVi             admincmd2.amxx   running  
[  5Admin Help              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp.amxx   running  
[  6Multi-Lingual System    1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     multilingual.am  running  
[  7Menus Front-End         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running  
[  8Commands Menu           1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu.amxx     running  
[  9Players Menu            1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     plmenu.amxx      running  
10Maps Menu               1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu.amxx    running  
11Plugin Menu             1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     pluginmenu.amxx  running  
12Admin Chat              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminchat.amxx   running  
13Anti Flood              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     antiflood.amxx   running  
14Scrolling Message       1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     scrollmsg.amxx   running  
15InfoMessages          1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     imessage.amxx    running  
16Admin Votes             1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminvote.amxx   running  
17NextMap                 1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     nextmap.amxx     running  
18TimeLeft                1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running  
19Pause Plugins           1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     pausecfg.amxx    running  
20Stats Configuration     1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     statscfg.amxx    running  
21StatsX                  1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     statsx.amxx      running  
22Autoresponder/Advertis  0.5         MaximusBrood      ad_manager.amxx  running  
23Map Spawns Editor       1.0.16      iG_os             Map_Spawns_Edit  running  
24amx_cheat               1.0         watch             cheat.amxx       running  
25WalkGuard               1.3.2       mogel             walkguard.amxx   running  
26GHW Ultimate Punishmen  2.0         GHW_Chronic Edit  GHW_Uslays.amxx  running  
27xREDIRECT          x0R               xredirect.amxx   debug    
28Galileo                 1.1.290     Brad Jones        galileo.amxx     running  
29Entity Remover          0.4         Exolent           entity_remover.  running  
30sXe Local Ban           2.0         Rul4 && GiOVi     sxe_local_ban.a  running  
31High Ping Kicker (Stea  0.16.2      OLO/shadow        amx_hpk.amxx     running  
32Auto Demo Recorder      2.0         IzI && GiOVi      demorecorder.am  running  
33FriendlyFire            1.0         AMXX Dev Team     friendlyfire.am  running  
34Advance Gag             2.2         anakin_cstrike/   admin_gagpro.am  running  
35mute menu               1.0         cheap_suit        mutemenu.amxx    running  
36sXe Screenshot          1.0         payas             sxe_screen.amxx  running  
37] [NGSimple barra regl  1.0         GiOVi             reglas.amxx      running  
38Block all bugs chat     1.0         BaD MaN           fix_bugs_chat.a  running  
39] [NGSimple AntiSpam I  1.0         GiOVi             antispam.amxx    running  
40HNS RAMPAGE             5.3         SpaM              hidenseek.amxx   debug    
41Musica al entrar al se  1.0         GiOVi             entradahns.amxx  running  
42] [NGBinds HNS          1.0         GiOVi             bindear.amxx     running  
43No retry                1.16        Priski            antiretry.amxx   running  
44AFK Kicker              1.0b        Cheesy Peteza     afkkicker.amxx   running  
45Anti-Developer          1.0         GiOVi             nodev.amxx       running  
46] [CSPlayer Models API  1.2         WiLS              cs_player_model  running  
47Models Admin Publico y  1.0         GiOVi             models_admin.am  running  
47 plugins
47 running

amxx cvars
Registered cvars:
name                     value                    plugin          
[  1amx_mode                 1                        nostalgia.amxx  
[  2amx_password_field       _pw                      nostalgia.amxx  
[  3amx_default_access       z                        nostalgia.amxx  
[  4amx_vote_ratio           0.02                     nostalgia.amxx  
[  5amx_vote_time            10                       nostalgia.amxx  
[  6amx_vote_answers         1                        nostalgia.amxx  
[  7amx_vote_delay           10                       nostalgia.amxx  
[  8amx_last_voting          0                        nostalgia.amxx  
[  9amx_show_activity        2                        nostalgia.amxx  
10amx_votekick_ratio       0.40                     nostalgia.amxx  
11amx_voteban_ratio        0.40                     nostalgia.amxx  
12amx_votemap_ratio        0.40                     nostalgia.amxx  
13amx_sql_table            sv                nostalgia.amxx  
14amx_sql_host             localhost            nostalgia.amxx  
15amx_sql_user             root         nostalgia.amxx  
16amx_sql_pass             admin             nostalgia.amxx  
17amx_sql_db               ngamers         nostalgia.amxx  
18amx_sql_type             mysql                    nostalgia.amxx  
19advanced_bans            0.8.1                    advanced_bans.
20ab_website               www.ng.net/quejas   advanced_bans.
21ab_immunity              1                        advanced_bans.
22ab_bandelay              1.0                      advanced_bans.
23ab_unbancheck            5.0                      advanced_bans.
24amx_language             es                       multilingual.am 
25amx_client_languages     0                        multilingual.am 
26amx_flood_time           0.75                     antiflood.amxx  
27amx_freq_imessage        180                      imessage.amxx   
28amx_nextmap              [no se realizo votacion  nextmap.amxx    
29amx_time_voice           1                        timeleft.amxx   
30amx_timeleft             10:26                    timeleft.amxx   
31amx_statsx_duration      12.0                     statsx.amxx     
32amx_statsx_freeze        -2.0                     statsx.amxx     
33admanager_version        0.5                      ad_manager.amxx 
34ad_react_all             1                        ad_manager.amxx 
35map_spawns               T(16CT(16)             Map_Spawns_Edit 
36WalkGuard                1.3.2                    walkguard.amxx  
37wg_damage                10                       walkguard.amxx  
38wg_botdamage             0                        walkguard.amxx  
39wg_immunity              0                        walkguard.amxx  
40wg_direction             1                        walkguard.amxx  
41wg_botdirection          1                        walkguard.amxx  
42wg_damageicon            262144                   walkguard.amxx  
43superslap_standardamoun  10                       GHW_Uslays.amxx 
44superslap_standarddamag  2                        GHW_Uslays.amxx 
45superslap_immunity       0                        GHW_Uslays.amxx 
46redirect_version                  xredirect.amxx  
47redirect_active          1                        xredirect.amxx  
48redirect_auto            1                        xredirect.amxx  
49redirect_manual          1                        xredirect.amxx  
50redirect_follow          1                        xredirect.amxx  
51redirect_external_addre                           xredirect.amxx  
52redirect_check_method    2                        xredirect.amxx  
53redirect_announce        120                      xredirect.amxx  
54redirect_announce_mode   2                        xredirect.amxx  
55redirect_announce_alive  -1.0                     xredirect.amxx  
56redirect_announce_alive  0.01                     xredirect.amxx  
57redirect_announce_deadp  -1.0                     xredirect.amxx  
58redirect_announce_deadp  0.35                     xredirect.amxx  
59redirect_show            1                        xredirect.amxx  
60redirect_adminslots      1                        xredirect.amxx  
61redirect_maxadmins       0                        xredirect.amxx  
62redirect_retry           0                        xredirect.amxx  
63redirect_hidedown        0                        xredirect.amxx  
64redirect_localslots      0                        xredirect.amxx  
65gal_version              1.1.290                  galileo.amxx    
66gal_server_starting      0                        galileo.amxx    
67gal_in_empty_cycle       0                        galileo.amxx    
68gal_debug                0                        galileo.amxx    
69amx_extendmap_max        35                       galileo.amxx    
70amx_extendmap_step       10                       galileo.amxx    
71gal_cmd_votemap          0                        galileo.amxx    
72gal_cmd_listmaps         2                        galileo.amxx    
73gal_listmaps_paginate    10                       galileo.amxx    
74gal_banrecent            3                        galileo.amxx    
75gal_banrecentstyle       1                        galileo.amxx    
76gal_endonround           1                        galileo.amxx    
77gal_endofmapvote         1                        galileo.amxx    
78gal_emptyserver_wait     0                        galileo.amxx    
79gal_emptyserver_mapfile  emptycycle.txt           galileo.amxx    
80gal_srv_start            0                        galileo.amxx    
81gal_rtv_commands         3                        galileo.amxx    
82gal_rtv_wait             10                       galileo.amxx    
83gal_rtv_ratio            0.60                     galileo.amxx    
84gal_rtv_reminder         2                        galileo.amxx    
85gal_nom_playerallowance  2                        galileo.amxx    
86gal_nom_mapfile          mapcycle.txt             galileo.amxx    
87gal_nom_prefixes         0                        galileo.amxx    
88gal_nom_qtyused          0                        galileo.amxx    
89gal_vote_weight          2                        galileo.amxx    
90gal_vote_weightflags     b                        galileo.amxx    
91gal_vote_mapfile         mapcycle.txt             galileo.amxx    
92gal_vote_duration        15                       galileo.amxx    
93gal_vote_expirationcoun  1                        galileo.amxx    
94gal_vote_mapchoices      5                        galileo.amxx    
95gal_vote_announcechoice  0                        galileo.amxx    
96gal_vote_showstatus      2                        galileo.amxx    
97gal_vote_showstatustype  2                        galileo.amxx    
98gal_vote_uniqueprefixes  0                        galileo.amxx    
99gal_runoff_enabled       1                        galileo.amxx    
[100gal_runoff_duration      15                       galileo.amxx    
[101gal_sounds_mute          0                        galileo.amxx    
[102amx_hpk_ping             250                      amx_hpk.amxx    
[103amx_hpk_check            12                       amx_hpk.amxx    
[104amx_hpk_tests            5                        amx_hpk.amxx    
[105amx_hpk_delay            60                       amx_hpk.amxx    
[106gag_tag                  0                        admin_gagpro.am 
[107mute menu                1.0                      mutemenu.amxx   
[108hns_leap_force           570                      hidenseek.amxx  
[109hns_leap_height          275                      hidenseek.amxx  
[110parachute_fallspeed      100                      hidenseek.amxx  
[111parachute_detach         1                        hidenseek.amxx  
[112sv_fith_block            3                        hidenseek.amxx  
[113amx_retrytime            30                       antiretry.amxx  
[114afk_version              1.0b                     afkkicker.amxx  
[115mp_afktime               90                       afkkicker.amxx  
[116mp_afkminplayers         8                        afkkicker.amxx  
116 cvars

AMX Mod X 1.8.2 (http://www.amxmodx.org)
David "BAILOPAN" AndersonPavol "PM OnoTo" Marko
"SniperBeamer" GeyerJonny "Got His Gun" Bergstrom
"SidLuke" WlasinskiChristian "Basic-Master" Hammacher
"faluco" FerrerScott "DS" Ehlert
Feb 14 201300:55:09
Build ID
1.8.2 61:2ae84f7c0a97
Core mode
Remove dproto .
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Old 09-14-2016 , 13:37   Re: Can't use keys or values with a "
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Originally Posted by Ipolito View Post
Thanks, the problem was solved
Originally Posted by AlliedModders Rules
  • Do not blank out posts - if you solve your problem post the solution for others to find.
Plugin: Sublime Text Studio , Galileo
Multi-Mod: Manager / Plugin / Server

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Old 09-14-2016 , 13:40   Re: Can't use keys or values with a "
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i have the same issue, i remove dproto and others that work with it, same issue, the hosting cpu resets at 07:00 and randomly hour server crash
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Old 09-14-2016 , 20:49   Re: Can't use keys or values with a "
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Originally Posted by Arkshine
Most of things people think it's impossible, it's actually possible, you just need to find a way.

Last edited by Reallite; 09-19-2018 at 09:21.
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Old 06-23-2018 , 13:38   Re: Can't use keys or values with a "
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REHLDS: in !its fixed!
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