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duck+walk config

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Old 11-03-2022 , 10:18   duck+walk config
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hi everybody, so, until now i guess everyone is able to duck+walk on cs1.6?.. but now i can't, i delete to config file, i verify files from steam, i use the default config and it works, after some times, it stops working again, and i have to delete the config again, again verify files, again put all my binds and settings, why is that? is there a config command/setting which can be turned on/off so that you can walk while you're crouching?
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Old 11-04-2022 , 06:04   Re: duck+walk config
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Probably someone is messing with your config.
Set it to write protected, this should help.
If not, move all your binds and settings into another config file and call it from the config.cfg with exec my_config.cfg

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Old 10-09-2023 , 22:56   Re: duck+walk config
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Hello, everyone! I've noticed a recent issue in CS1.6 where I can't crouch and walk simultaneously. I've tried various troubleshooting steps, such as deleting the config file, verifying game files on Steam, and using the default config. While these steps temporarily fix the problem, it eventually returns, and I have to repeat the process. I'm wondering if there's a specific configuration command or setting that might be causing this issue or if there's a way to enable crouching while walking. Any advice or insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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