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[TF2] Homing Rocket v2.4.0.9 (13.12.12)

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Old 09-01-2017 , 10:19   Re: [TF2] Homing Rocket v2.4.0.9 (13.12.12)
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Is it possible to disable only for certain flag with specified weapon?
If player have A flag, when he equip Direct Hit, homing is disabled but other rocket launchers homing available.
If player have no A flag, when he equip Direct Hit or other rocket launchers, homing is available.
This doesn't seems work for me.
public Action:TF2_CalcIsAttackCritical(iClient, weapon, String:weaponname[], &bool:result)
	if(GetUserFlagBits(iClient) & ADMFLAG_RESERVATION)
		if (IsValidEntity(weapon))
			new index = GetEntProp(weapon, Prop_Send, "m_iItemDefinitionIndex");
			if (index == 127 && StrEqual(weaponname, "tf_weapon_rocketlauncher_directhit", false))
					g_bPluginOn[iClient] = false;
					g_bPluginOn[iClient] = true;
		return Plugin_Continue;

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Old 03-05-2018 , 04:45   Re: [TF2] Homing Rocket v2.4.0.9 (13.12.12)
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can someone add cvar that disables homing rocket for blue/red team?thanks
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