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Problem with entities and disconnecting players for same

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Old 10-16-2013 , 06:44   Problem with entities and disconnecting players for same
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Hi there, i have a problem of disconnecting a players from server because of too much entities at once, i would change max entities number but first i want to fix a bad plugin rather than to make more fps drops and lag on my server... So here is the .sma:

/* Plugin generated by AMXX-Studio */

#include <amxmodx>
#include <hamsandwich>
#include <fakemeta>
#include <fun>

#define PLUGIN "NekiTamoPlugin"
#define VERSION "1.0b"
#define AUTHOR "Megastorm"

new weapons_ct[][] = 
new weapons_t[][] = 

new g_msgStatusIcon
new const w_modeli[][] = 

new cvar_vreme
new const maxAmmo[31]={0, 200, 0, 180, 1, 64, 1, 120, 180, 1, 200, 200, 180, 180, 180, 180, 200, 200, 30, 180, 200, 64, 180, 180, 90, 2, 70, 90, 120, 0, 150}

public plugin_init()
	register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR)
	register_forward(FM_Touch, "EntTouch")
	register_forward(FM_Think, "EntThinks")
	RegisterHam(Ham_Spawn, "player", "PlayerSpawn", 1)
	g_msgStatusIcon = get_user_msgid("StatusIcon")
	register_message(g_msgStatusIcon, "msgStatusIcon")
	register_forward(FM_SetModel, "fw_SetModel")
	register_event("DeathMsg", "death", "a")
	cvar_vreme = register_cvar("amx_trajanje_oruzja", "15.0")
	register_event("HLTV", "eNewRound", "a", "1=0", "2=0")
	// Add your code here...

public eNewRound()
	new iEnt = engfunc(EngFunc_FindEntityByString, -1, "classname", "oruzje")
	while(iEnt > 0)
		engfunc(EngFunc_RemoveEntity, iEnt)
		iEnt = engfunc(EngFunc_FindEntityByString, -1, "classname", "oruzje")

public EntThinks(ent)
	new szCName[32]
	pev(ent, pev_classname, szCName, charsmax(szCName))
	if(equal(szCName, "oruzje"))
		engfunc(EngFunc_RemoveEntity, ent)

public EntTouch(ent, id)
	if(!pev_valid(ent) || !is_user_alive(id))
	new szCName[32], szModel[32]
	pev(ent, pev_classname, szCName, charsmax(szCName))
	pev(ent, pev_model, szModel, charsmax(szModel))
	if(equal(szCName, "oruzje"))
		if(equal(szModel, "models/m4a1.mdl"))
			give_item(id, "weapon_m4a1")
			fm_set_user_bpammo(id, CSW_M4A1, 90)
		else if(equal(szModel, "models/w_ak47.mdl"))
			give_item(id, "weapon_ak47")
			fm_set_user_bpammo(id, CSW_AK47, 90)
		engfunc(EngFunc_RemoveEntity, ent)

public death()
	new victim = read_data(2)
	new team = get_user_team(victim)
	new Float:forigin[3]
	pev(victim, pev_origin, forigin)
	new ent = engfunc(EngFunc_CreateNamedEntity, engfunc(EngFunc_AllocString, "info_target"))
	set_pev(ent, pev_classname, "oruzje")
	set_pev(ent, pev_movetype, MOVETYPE_TOSS)
	set_pev(ent, pev_solid, SOLID_TRIGGER)
	set_pev(ent, pev_size, Float:{-16.0,-16.0,0.0},Float:{16.0,16.0,2.0})
	set_pev(ent, pev_origin, forigin)
	engfunc(EngFunc_DropToFloor, ent)
	set_pev(ent, pev_nextthink, get_gametime() + get_pcvar_float(cvar_vreme))
	engfunc(EngFunc_SetModel, ent, w_modeli[team])

public PlayerSpawn(id)
	set_task(0.1, "ItsShowTime", id)

public ItsShowTime(id)
	new iTeam = get_user_team(id)
		case 1:
			for(new i = 0; i < sizeof weapons_t; i++)
				give_item(id, weapons_t[i])
		case 2:
			for(new i = 0; i < sizeof weapons_ct; i++)
				give_item(id, weapons_ct[i])
	new weapons[32]
	new weaponsnum
	get_user_weapons(id, weapons, weaponsnum)
	for(new i=0; i<weaponsnum; i++)
		if(maxAmmo[weapons[i]] > 0)
			fm_set_user_bpammo(id, weapons[i], maxAmmo[weapons[i]])

public msgStatusIcon(msgid, msgdest, id)
	static szIcon[8]
	get_msg_arg_string(2, szIcon, charsmax(szIcon))
	if(equal(szIcon, "buyzone") && get_msg_arg_int(1))
		set_pdata_int(id, 235, get_pdata_int(id, 235) & ~(1<<0))

public fw_SetModel(entity, model[])
	static szClassName[33]
	pev(entity, pev_classname, szClassName, charsmax(szClassName))
	if(!equal(szClassName, "weaponbox"))
	if(equal(model, "models/w_awp.mdl"))
		new Float:fOrigin[3]
		pev(entity, pev_origin, fOrigin)
		set_pev(entity, pev_flags, pev(entity, pev_flags)|FL_KILLME)

stock fm_find_ent_by_owner(index, const classname[], owner, jghgtype = 0) {
	new strtype[11] = "classname", ent = index
		case 1: strtype = "target"
		case 2: strtype = "targetname"
	while ((ent = engfunc(EngFunc_FindEntityByString, ent, strtype, classname)) && pev(ent, pev_owner) != owner) {}
	return; ent

stock fm_set_user_bpammo(id, weaponid, amnt) 
	static offset
		case CSW_AWP: offset = 377
			case CSW_SCOUT,CSW_AK47,CSW_G3SG1: offset = 378
			case CSW_M249: offset = 379
			case CSW_FAMAS,CSW_M4A1,CSW_AUG,CSW_SG550,CSW_GALI,CSW_SG552: offset = 380
			case CSW_M3,CSW_XM1014: offset = 381
			case CSW_USP,CSW_UMP45,CSW_MAC10: offset = 382
			case CSW_FIVESEVEN,CSW_P90: offset = 383
			case CSW_DEAGLE: offset = 384
			case CSW_P228: offset = 385
			case CSW_GLOCK18,CSW_MP5NAVY,CSW_TMP,CSW_ELITE: offset = 386
			case CSW_FLASHBANG: offset = 387
			case CSW_HEGRENADE: offset = 388
			case CSW_SMOKEGRENADE: offset = 389
			default: return 0
	return 1
*{\\ rtf1\\ ansi\\ deff0{\\ fonttbl{\\ f0\\ fnil Tahoma;}}\n\\ viewkind4\\ uc1\\ pard\\ lang1033\\ f0\\ fs16 \n\\ par }
Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
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Old 10-16-2013 , 08:12   Re: Problem with entities and disconnecting players for same
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You dont provide any information of what to fix.
You do not show what you did to fix it.
You are on the bad section.
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Old 10-16-2013 , 11:21   Re: Problem with entities and disconnecting players for same
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I'm sorry i am not so familiar with aliied mods forums and i badly speak english so i am sorry but i do not know what to do any more...
Problem is:
After some time playing server kicks almost all the players (except steam) and shows them this message:

Requesting tempdecal.wad from server
GnOoN eNsAn connected
Error: server failed to transmit file 'customization'
GnOoN eNsAn is joining the Terrorist force
Host_Error: CL_EntityNum: 1366 is an invalid number, cl.max_edicts is

So i think it is because of too much entities that creates this plugin... But in plugin the entities are disapearring (like weapons) after 15 secs so that makes me no sense... I read something about setting a -num_edicts 4096 to both server and players launch options, i can do it for server but how to do it for players? :S
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Old 10-16-2013 , 13:04   Re: Problem with entities and disconnecting players for same
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Originally Posted by cile1993 View Post
After some time playing server kicks almost all the players (except steam) and shows them this message
And we dont care about non steamers.

Read Rules.

No Steam = No Support.
You keep bringing ANTICHRISTUS down .. He will rise again and kick asses !

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