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[CSGO] Raining money!

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Fun Stuff
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Counter-Strike: GO
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    You can drop dosh for your teammates (or enemies)
    Old 11-03-2017 , 14:01   [CSGO] Raining money!
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    Killing Floor themed cash dropping for players. You can drop your money for other teammates or enemies.

    sm_rainingmoney_value <def. 100> - The value of one money "pack"
    sm_rainingmoney_ground <def. 100> - Max number of money "pack" on the ground. 0 - Disable
    sm_rainingmoney_time <def. 60> - Time, after the dropped money "pack" will be removed. 0 - Disable
    sm_rainingmoney_value 100 & sm_rainingmoney_ground 100 >> Max $10.000 (100*100) on the ground, in 100 pcs. "pack".
    You can drop money if you have more than $0, so you can drop money under the "sm_rainingmoney_value" amount.
    (Example: When you drop $1, the dropped money pack's value is $1, so if someone pick the money up, got $1.)
    sm_dropmoney or sm_rainingmoney or sm_dm or sm_rm - Dropping your money.
    Plugin requirements:
    - Latest, Stable SourceMod
    - Translation file ("rainingmoney.phrases.txt")

    - The plugin may have bugs! If you found something, please report here!
    - Keep the values in safe range, or your server may crashable by the trolls or too many entities!

    (1.0, 2017.11.03, 18:01) - First release
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_rainingmoney.sp - 268 views - 5.6 KB)
    File Type: zip sm_rainingmoney.zip (11.9 KB, 96 views)
    Sorry for my bad english, correct me if i'm wrong.
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    Old 11-03-2017 , 14:05   Re: [CSGO] Raining money!
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    Ohh, It's a great idea!
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