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[CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod

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Old 11-23-2016 , 10:38   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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I've tried to maintain this code while ago but IMHO the one thing this needs is a complete rewrite, there are so much outdated function and stuff in. You just want to fix it one by one but that's the wrong way, do it new, do it smooth.

Make a github and start with the api kinda like High-Traffic Plugins > Store then you can add one plugin by one, start with account system, then jobs, etc..
Make it step by step and stop using you old code.

We've no problem if you write in old syntax but after you are done look how to convert it to new syntax and do so.
You need to make a good structure/concept, only you know how this mod should be and this doesn't help us, it makes it more difficult to understand where you want to go with this mod, should it be like Deadly desire or completly something else..

It is really hard to get a seccussful mod in csgo because people hop in csgo to have a fast quick game, they play inbetween there break from matchmaking, people don't want to put lots of playtime into something. Anyway take a look at deadly desire code: https://github.com/ts-x/TSX-RP it is french so use google translate if you need it.

I think you will get some good people working with you on this code on a fresh new api on github.

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Old 11-26-2016 , 11:34   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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Rewriting this plugin would be a major undertaking and with the current hostile environment to community servers in CS:GO (and valve games overall) I'm not sure it would be a worthy endeavor. With that said, yes the plugin is long overdue for a re-write imo as well.

I should also mention that from experience in running a version of this code in CS:S, the server mostly attracted children and that caused a bunch of headaches, especially since the plugin has a tendency to loose data if the server crashes or closes unexpectedly.
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Old 02-27-2017 , 01:01   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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So, why this mod is not developing? Its perfect, why no one can fix this
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Old 10-29-2019 , 18:09   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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Vehicles no working anymore, a big thanks to shit valve
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Old 08-12-2020 , 01:27   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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Originally Posted by Benito View Post
Vehicles no working anymore, a big thanks to shit valve
I tried to patch VehicleController.

Needs someone to write the extension. I'll give you signatures and instructions.
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Old 01-17-2021 , 07:33   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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