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Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)

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Old 02-28-2022 , 05:29   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Originally Posted by Bacardi View Post
If you try create trigger or ambient, which require dimension, it is impossible to do with stripper, dimension would be 0 x 0 x 0. (I assume now)
You maybe need create SourceMod plugin for that.
Ah that's sad but ok, I thought about placing a steampipe somewhere and wanted to add steam sound.

But if it is not possible... I try the plugin approach then, thanks for clarifiying.
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Old 03-30-2022 , 08:04   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Is there any new way to remove invisible walls ? I want to remove invisible walls that only stop humans but not infected people
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Old 04-02-2022 , 16:09   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Hello Community, I'm looking for someone who knows the hell out of Stripper: Source.
Maybe someone can tell me how to specify a "trigger_changelevel" at a certain cordinate for a certain map. Preferably with the next specific map.

An example would be great.
Of course I will look for coordinates myself.

Greets Painkiller

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Old 04-11-2022 , 09:15   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Can sombody tell me exactly how I would swap a problematic model from the same weapon_spawn classname for another ? Because it causes a server crash with a certain plugin which I would like to use. It should just be on the same location; It's not entirely clear to me from the examples how to do this.
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Old 05-07-2022 , 19:50   L4D2: Strip T2 Shotguns Only
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Having some trouble entirely removing the tactical and spas autoshotguns.

I’ve removed the specific spawn instances (for example, the ones that always spawn in the gun store on the second map of Dead Center) by filtering “classname” “weapon_autoshotgun_spawn” and “weapon_shotgun_spas_spawn”, and that worked fine. But I’m having trouble preventing them from being spawned through other means, namely “weapon_spawn”.

If I’m understanding correctly, weapon_spawn can spawn autoshotguns via these values:


For those last two, I can simply use modify to replace them with either tier1_shotgun or one of the pump/chrome varieties, and tier2_shotgun I can replace with tier1_shotgun. The problem is the “any” categories.

For example, tier2_any is used pretty widely across all maps (according to several stripper dumps), and since I don’t want to restrict access to any T2s but the shotguns, I’m not sure how to go about replacing those values. I’ve tried comma-delimited lists (i.e. “weapon_rifle,weapon_hunting_rifle” etc), as well as space-delimited and multiple key/value pairs in the replace block. Nothing has worked.

So I’m wondering: is it possible to use stripper to give the director a list of values to choose from for a given key? Or is it possible to redefine the scope of the “any” values to exclude specific weapons?
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Old 07-17-2022 , 14:49   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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how to spawn an entity on a certain event.
Let's say spawn a gnome when the elevator reached the botton.

PHP Code:
"model" "*3"
"top" "-160 -192 252"
"targetname" "elevator"
"speed" "25"
"rendermode" "0"
"renderfx" "0"
"rendercolor" "255 255 255"
"renderamt" "255"
"origin" "-160 -192 252"
"mingpulevel" "0"
"mincpulevel" "0"
"maxgpulevel" "0"
"maxcpulevel" "0"
"fadescale" "1"
"fademindist" "-1"
"fademaxdist" "0"
"disablereceiveshadows" "0"
"bottom" "-160 -192 4"
"blockdamage" "0"
"acceleration" "100"
"classname" "func_elevator"
"hammerid" "12182"
"OnReachedTop" "elevator_top_sound,PlaySound,,0,-1"
"OnReachedBottom" "elevator_bottom_sound,PlaySound,,0,-1"
"OnReachedBottom" "elevator_move_sound,StopSound,,0,-1"
"OnReachedBottom" "gnomivator,ForceSpawn,,0,-1"
"OnReachedTop" "elevator_move_sound,StopSound,,0,-1"

"classname" "prop_physics_override"
"solid" "6"
"origin" "-84 -127 900"
"angles" "0 0 0"
"spawnflags" "0"
"targetname" "gnomivator"
"model" "models/props_junk/gnome.mdl"
"disableshadows" "1"

In the obove case the gnome is always there, is there a way to only create it when the elevator reached the bottom?
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Old 07-19-2022 , 13:17   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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I love stripper so much, he's very, very powerful, I've used him to achieve a lot of amazing things. Now I want to ask, can anyone achieve animation effects? Or add some character dialogue or something
Please forgive, If I'm not describing it accurately. I use google translate
Functional tests are all from L4D1, and are only keen to solve and fix various bugs of L4D1:
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Old 08-10-2022 , 15:03   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Thanks for making this really useful tool!
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Old 09-29-2022 , 20:44   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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I've been wondering if it would be possible to remove every invisible wall in L4D2 for fun purposes and not be limited by the boundaries that every map has.
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Old 09-30-2022 , 03:39   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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LividBunny, as far as I know, usually env_player_blocker is used for this.

P.S. Although sometimes these can be brushes that are one with the map

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