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[CS:GO] banned_user data tranfer to Mysql_bans

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Old 10-15-2021 , 04:42   [CS:GO] banned_user data tranfer to Mysql_bans
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I have PHP code that i looked for someone write on this forum but i can't figure it out how can i run it and can someone help me? This code can automaticlly transfer banned_user.cfg data to Mysql_bans database that it created of plugin itself. I need it because i got up to 500 clients data on it and it is stressful to tranfer by hand.

Plugin - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=191283
And the PHP code author - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...2&postcount=68

    $config    =    array(
        'db_prefix'    =>    'my',    //default prefix is my, so this shouldn't need to be changed.
        'host'        =>    'locahost',    //your database host, probably, or something
        'user'        =>    'myuseruser',    //your database username
        'pass'        =>    'mypassword',    //your database password
        'db'        =>    'mydatabase_name',    //and your database name
    $db    =    mysqli_connect($config['host'], $config['user'], $config['pass'], $config['db']);
    if(!$db)die('There was an error connecting to the database.');
    $file = file('banned_user.cfg', FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES);
    $query = array();
    foreach($file as $ban){
        $ban = explode(' ', substr($ban, 6));
        $query[] = 'INSERT INTO `'.$config['db_prefix'].'_bans`
            (steam_id, player_name, ban_length, ban_reason, banned_by, timestamp) VALUES
            (\''.mysqli_real_escape_string($db, $ban[1]).'\', \'Imported Ban\', '.((int)$ban[0]).', \'Imported Ban\', \'Console\', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP())';
    $res = mysqli_multi_query($db, implode('; ', $query);
    if(!$res)die('One or more queries failed when importing the bans.');

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Old 10-17-2021 , 11:41   Re: [CS:GO] banned_user data tranfer to Mysql_bans
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What would happen, if you execute ban file ?

sm_rcon exec banned_user.cfg

About PHP, if you have home page which support PHP:
- create PHP file with that script, fill your mysql database parameters.
- copy banned_user.cfg in same folder.
-> ...go look that created PHP page from web ?
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