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Reset Player

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Old 05-16-2012 , 03:12   Reset Player
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Reset Player


With this plugin you can reset players items/money/health/armor/deaths and frags.



Admin Commands:

amx_reset_player <target> <reset money> <reset weapons> <reset health> <reset armor> <reset frags> <reset deaths>


ConnorMcLeod: For his suggestions.


- v1.0
* First public release.

- v1.1
* Added reset_player_frags to reset frags for player.
* Added reset_player_deaths to reset deaths for player.
* Added reset_player_again to reset again the player in the same round.

- v1.2
* Changed from set_user_armor to cs_set_user_armor
* Changed from give_item to cs_set_user_bpammo

- v1.3
* Code changes and cleanup.
* Changed cvars from reset_player_ to rp_

- v1.4
* Added support for amx_show_activity.
* Changed and cleaned up some code.

- v1.5
* Optimized code.
* Added get_cvar_pointer.

- v1.6
* Added description.
* Optimized a little bit of the code.

- v1.7
* Removed rp_again so admins could reset player all the time.
* Optimized code again.

- v1.8 (8 May 2013)
* Added pev_max_health.
* Removed all the cvars except rp_version.
* Changed the command amx_reset_player so the player could reset different parts of the player's stats.
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Old 05-16-2012 , 03:44   Re: Reset Player
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Consider cs_set_user_armor in order to reset armor type
Consider cs_set_user_bpammo instead of giving multiple time the same weapon
Use mp_startmoney cvar pointer
Don't declare names variables and retrieve names before you actually need it.
Consider pev_max_health just in case some mod wouldn't set 100 HPs at spawn.
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Old 05-16-2012 , 06:13   Re: Reset Player 1.2
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make a command like:

amx_reset_player <target> <@team> <@all>

eg: amx_reset_player @all
amx_reset_player @ct
amx_reset_player @t

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Old 06-02-2012 , 13:25   Re: Reset Player 1.0
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No changes done as stated by Connor above, at least not all.

Unapproved for now, since author you seem inactive.
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