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[ANY] Name Change Punisher (Updated 2011-07-13)

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Old 07-27-2015 , 16:37   Re: [ANY] Name Change Punisher (Updated 2011-07-13)
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Hey Powerlord,

I was wondering if you can help me shine a light on this..

So, Three variables, right..
  • ncp_detections
  • ncp_detectiontime
  • sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds

If sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds is set to 25 and ncp_detectiontime to 10,
then the maximum amount of detections possible is ncp_detectiontime divided by sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds right?
this is assuming that the player changes his name right after the sv_namechange cooldown is finished..

because the player can only change his name after the sv_namechange cooldown is finished..?

So for example:
I change my name The sv counter starts and the ncp counter start
10 seconds later the ncp counter is finished and thus restarts (and resets the detections)
15 seconds later i'm able to change my name again (the sv counter finished)

So as a result you would not be able to change your name within the detection timer..?

If sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds were to be set on 20 and ncp_detectiontime on 60 then it would be possible to have a maximum of 3 detections, or am I mistaking?

I stated my concern about this a few posts before but yea..

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Old 12-18-2015 , 19:21   Re: [ANY] Name Change Punisher (Updated 2011-07-13)
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I know this hasn't been updated in quite some time, but is there any way clan tag changes can be added as well?
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Old 03-12-2018 , 07:41  
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is we have something like ClientUserInfoChanged in AMXX?

Are we have something wich allow to block when players tried to change their names before when player_changename event will be fired?

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