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Chron (updated to 0.2 on 08Aug2006)

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Old 07-24-2006 , 17:02   Chron (updated to 0.2 on 08Aug2006)
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Chron is a mms plugin that allows you to schedule commands/configs to run at any time (can also be limited to a certain day of the week).


by L. Duke

  1. Download and install Metamod: Source
  2. Start the server and type meta. If you receive an error because the command is unknown, go back to Step 1.
  3. Open addons/metamod/metaplugins.ini and add the following line:
  4. Save any cfg files you want to execute in the cfg/chron directory
  5. Add you chron jobs to cfg/chron/!chronjobs.cfg (see the file for examples)
  6. type chron_help in the server console to see all the commands and options
  1. Chron_job cfg files will only run once during the specified time period, so if you have a command in server.cfg it will be reset when the map changes. For example, if you have sv_gravity 800 in server.cfg and a lowgravity chron job that sets sv_gravity 400 for three hours, the gravity will reset to 800 when the map changes even if the three hours is not over. To work properly, you need to remove any setting from server.cfg that you are changing the cfg/chron/*.cfg files.
  2. Chron_job2 cfg files will run once per map. Any settings defined in a cfg file executed using the chron_job2 command will overwrite settings in server.cfg for the remaineder of that map. The server.cfg settings will not be restored when time is up, but they will be restored on the next map change after the time is up.
Download chron_0.2.zip

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