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Anty Cheater

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Old 06-13-2018 , 16:06   Anty Cheater
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I have one question. Has anyone plugin who is banned cheater with variable IP, SID, be players who do not have SID.
Some effective plugin who it works?
Banning on range IP falls

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Old 06-13-2018 , 16:21   Re: Anty Cheater
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You do no need any plugin, ban their steamid.
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Old 06-13-2018 , 16:32   Re: Anty Cheater
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Players have variables steamid
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Old 06-13-2018 , 17:27   Re: Anty Cheater
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Originally Posted by Vakos View Post
Players have variables steamid
How is this possible? Your server is steam-only, right?
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Old 06-16-2018 , 05:22   Re: Anty Cheater
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#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <fvault>

#define pluginprefix "[ Knife Protection ]"

new const plugininfo[ ][ ] = {
   "Anti OstroG",

new const g_vaultname[ ] = "antisteamidchanger";

new steamidchange_logs[ 54 ];

public plugin_init() {
   register_plugin(plugininfo[ 0 ], plugininfo[ 1 ], plugininfo[ 2 ]);
   format(steamidchange_logs, charsmax(steamidchange_logs), "addons/amxmodx/logs/steamidchanger/steamidchanger.log", steamidchange_logs);

public client_connect(client) {
   new szdata[ 35 ];
   if(fvault_get_data(g_vaultname, user_ip(client), szdata, charsmax(szdata))) {
      if(!equal(user_authid(client), szdata)) {
         return PLUGIN_HANDLED
   else if(!fvault_get_data(g_vaultname, user_ip(client), szdata, charsmax(szdata))) {

stock kickuser(const index) {
   new szdata[ 35 ];
   fvault_get_data(g_vaultname, user_ip(index), szdata, charsmax(szdata));
   client_print(index, print_chat, "%s Use Steam Id Changer , Disable Ct-Shield And Join After!", pluginprefix);
   server_cmd("kick #%d ^"%s Steam Id Changer Detected , Enable First Steam Id And Connect  , First Steam Id Is : %s.^"", get_user_userid(index), pluginprefix, szdata);
   log_to_file(steamidchange_logs, "Steam Id Changer Detected Player %s .", user_ip(index));

stock user_authid(const index) {
   new authid[ 35 ];
   get_user_authid(index, authid, charsmax(authid));
   return authid;

stock user_ip(const index) {
   new ip[ 35 ];
   get_user_ip(index, ip, charsmax(ip), 1);
   return ip;

stock savecmd(const index) {
   fvault_set_data(g_vaultname, user_ip(index), user_authid(index));

stock loadcmd(const index) {
   fvault_get_data(g_vaultname, user_ip(index), user_authid(index), 34);
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Old 06-16-2018 , 14:28   Re: Anty Cheater
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Then buy a new game to play on your server ? Just ban them again, drain their money lol
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